Monday, August 25, 2014

In Wake of Mike Brown's Murder, White People Project Their Grievances.

 Unfortunately, when a white person perpetuates racial injustice against an African American, white people seek not only sympathy, but a grievance fest follows. Oh, poor white people, they're oppressed, and they haven't been given a fair shot in life. They disregard their white privilege, they accept it but they disregard their racial upper hand simply to be a victim. That's right; blacks are stealing their jobs and forcing whites to be educated in the same substandard schools. That's oppression against the white man. Or, so they say. Now, the truth is after Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown to death - it sparked outrage among not only the community, but nationwide as deep-rooted racial frustration has shattered many lives. As far away as Russia showed solidarity, posting pictures of themselves hands raised for Mike Brown. Mike Brown, allegedly, hands' were raised when the officer killed him. Although blacks are upset and rightly so, it makes the right or white people inflamed with rage - rage that blacks have the audacity to speak the truth about obvious, yet unspoken racism. So, white people do not understand what they're saying. Either they are unaware, or they purposely block out the racism that exist. If we fail to address racism and the systematic incarceration of black men, it doesn't automatically disappear rather when we are silent, the truth of the disparity takes ownership of the naive minds that refuse to address the obvious.White people claim blacks are over exaggerating or they're being opportunistic with Mike Brown's murder.
I would say they've finally had enough police brutality and racist stops and mass imprisonment of people of color for non-violent offenses. It is curious though, whites take the opportunity to voice their grievances, you know the "all blacks are animals" talk. They say blacks are animals but blacks are being heard around the world.
So, had they not raised their voice nothing would have happened. To make matters worse, the real victims are you guessed it, whites. Because we all know whites are victimized daily in this country, right? Of course, not. All too often, simply based off appearance blacks appear to be dangerous and intimidating. While whites are seen as non-violent and given preferential treatment for jobs. Fox News purposely misled their views into believing Darren Wilson suffered a 'broken eye socket' when, in fact, he did not suffer from anything more than a mildly swollen face. CNN verified the fact that Wilson had no real injuries at all. So, why did Fox News lie? They lied to claim victim-hood and to demonize the black community. Furthermore, Conservative media earlier this week reported on an anonymous source claiming factual facts about the shooting. 'Josie' the alleged witness pulled the information from an anonymous facebook post and read it aloud claiming she saw the events unfold. Conservative media ran with the false story. Again, claiming victimization at the hands of the black community. Although negligent to report, Fox News and Conservative bloggers ditched professionalism and exchanged it for white grievances.

 Over the weekend, Darren Wilson supporters rallied around the police officer, supporting a child killer, and they expressed their grievances, claiming the media is one-sided. Also exclaiming 'they will no longer remain silent,' whatever that means. So, this weekend endless 'white grievances' made the rounds and Conservatives eat up this nonsense. They have the right to remain ignorant. Although they forget, Mike Brown is the victim they have the nerve to claim they're receiving death threats. Can they prove it? Of course, not. Officer Darren Wilson senselessly murdered Mike Brown. He's a victim; the Brown family are the victims. Blacks shot to death by white cops for minor offenses are the victims. Whites just don't get it; they don't. They claim Al Sharpton and other civil rights leaders are 'race hustlers' and apart of the "grievance" industry, all the while they ignore their position of playing the victim. Last week, Conservatives opened a "GoFundMe" account for Darren Wilson donations galore flooded the account. And, the comments were obviously racist, so racist GoFundMe had to pull the plug on the comment section. As, they violated the terms of service for the site. Still, the officer made over $300k. Today, it pays to be a racist. Not only does it pay to be racist, but it pays to be white with nonexistent, yet Conservative media supported grievances.

"Michael Brown's blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice," said the Rev. Charles Ewing, Brown's great-uncle. Ewing said, "There is a cry being made from the ground," not just for his nephew but also for Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teen who was gunned down in 2012; for the elementary school students at Sandy Hook in December 2012; and for victims of black-on-black crime."(2).

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