Monday, August 18, 2014

Is Larry Klayman Racially Disturbed?

Borderline Schizophrenic, Larry Klayman, claims President Obama plans to re-name the White House the Black House. Because we all know, that's going to happen any day now. Let's not forget the fact that President Obama's mother was white. After the Sandy Hook massacre, Democrats and loving parents alike asked the president to do something to strengthen gun laws. Gun nuts went full-blown psycho and claimed Obama planned to steal law abiding citizens' guns. Although there were no such plans, gun store sells went through the roof. The lie continues around social media; Obama is coming for your guns. Well,  if that's true, he's the worst gun taker in the history of mankind because he hasn't gotten a single gun. That's because there were no such plans, Obama never intended to take guns away. Conservatives like Larry Klayman often use racist sediment, some subtle and others not so subtle, but they exist. Conservatives realized frightening each other is profitable. Just ask the likes of Bryan Fischer, Huckbee, Pastor Hagee and other Conservative hypocrites.

"Uinged right-wing legal advocate Larry Klayman believes that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have created a “race war in the nation.” Klayman wrote in a WorldNetDaily column on Friday that the president is “racist” against white people “and in favor of their black brothers.” According to Klayman, the administration is deliberately fomenting and ignoring “racially motivated crimes against whites,” while using Obamacare to “have whitey pay reparations to blacks.” “At this rate, it is remarkable that Obama has not renamed the White House ‘the Black House.’”(1).

For one, being a realist isn't an indication of racial bias. In the United States, an estimated two blacks die weekly because of police racists brutality. The United States perpetuates racial bias not only on African Americans but Hispanics are also targets of police prejudice. Whites more often possess contraband; however, blacks are far-more likely to be pulled over having no contraband. Whites use drugs at the same rate as African Americans but rarely see an arrest or conviction. Mentioning these facts doesn't mean you're a racist. It makes you`re a realist. However, people such as Klayman disregard facts and roll with emotional disconnect. Of course, he doesn't see that he's the problem. Knowingly or ignorantly unaware, he promotes the same narrative as racist police, and in doing so makes folks think you're silly. Being taken seriously, if it matters, needs to be done so with an open-mind; one open to considering the facts involved in institutional racism and the presumption of  guilt before convicted of anything besides being black. People like Klayman don't understand the racial disparity in this country, and just because Obama understands this fact doesn't mean anything besides what a reasonable person would conclude, which is there is a problem with racial bias and the police prejudism Although police have a tough job, we also require them to utilize restraint. If they don't and if they shoot a man who surrendered, they should be held responsible for the unarmed person they shot to death.

There's a trend with middle to late aged white men wanting to feel victimized, and even though it isn't true, they want you to believe it is; there's nothing further from the truth. For example, as previously stated, no one has taken anyone's guns, and there's no persecution of Christians, at-least not compared to various parts of the world where Islam replaces Christianity. Muslims hate Christians, and we can try to win them to Christ. But in Klayman's sheltered-feeble-minded-warped view of reality, he's a victim.
No, Obama will not declare the White House the Black House, yet Conservatives continue to push this false narrative, and yes some people will fear this as a potential truth. I, again, want to point out the fact that, Obama's mother and grandparents were white. If you listen to Klayman for longer than five minutes, call an ambulance because you are not well. Therefore, you are a danger to yourself and others.

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