Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mike Brown Murdered By Police. His Crime? Walking While Black.

The scene last night in downtown Ferguson, Missouri appeared to be nothing less than a militarized state. Amid the shooting death of unarmed teen, Micheal Brown, emotional protest demonstrated the communities dissatisfaction with the years of police abuse. Ferguson, Missouri is one of the most segregated areas in the country, with at-least 75% of schools being either white of black. Micheal Brown and a friend  headed home after police claim Mr. Brown shoplifted cigarettes. On the afternoon of the shooting, apparently, the police told Micheal Brown and his friend to 'get the fuck on the sidewalk.' According to the officer who shot Mike, he was pushed back inside of his car, and he fired one shot from inside his car. Next according to a witness, Mike, 35 feet away from the patrol  car with his hands up was shot seven times. A young women recounted to a local news station the events she witnessed and recorded on her phone. The police, without a warrant, took custody of her phone on which recording the incident.

This past Sunday and Monday night protesters took their grievances to the street to vent their frustration and lack of empathy for black life. In Missouri, Ferguson in particular cops search and stop 65% of blacks, even though whites are more likely to possess contraband.

 “The FBI notified me that they will be opening up an investigation that will run parallel to this investigation,” Belmar said at a news conference.
“The Bureau will take a lot of the information that we have developed already, they’ll take that information, they may do their own interviews, they may look at the evidence themselves — it’s a parallel or a concurrent investigation,” said Belmar.
Belmar said he had spoken to St. Louis Division Special Agent in Charge William Woods who “said he had a tremendous amount of confidence in the St. Louis county police department, but at this point he felt the need to open up an investigation."

Mike Brown was left dead in the street, in the sweltering heart, for nearly four hours.

Christina Coleman. (9 August 2014). HE HAS A NAME: Ferguson Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Teenager Michael Brown. Global Grind.

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