Monday, August 25, 2014

Morgan Freeman Must Have Forgotten, He's Black.

It would be nice if there were no need to talk about race. The day we don't need to worry about any form of racism will be a great one. Once there truly is justice and equality for all regardless of race  that will be a great day. I've thought about not talking about race, but I realized just because I stop talking about it, doesn't mean racism goes away. It's still there. Unfortunately, Morgan Freeman lives in a "glasshouse" because there's institutional racism; the industrial prison complex is the new slave plantation. We've exchanged 'Jim Crow' for for-profit prisons and racist drug laws. The "war on drugs" is an utter failure, but it's quite profitable for the government. But there's also socioeconomic racism, and this is also, because of the lack of education and access to otherwise equal opportunity employment.  Additionally, there's a systematic dependency syndrome within the black community, if you keep someone beaten down for so long, they believe they have no opportunity, thus don't vote. And, that's part of the problem in Ferguson, Missouri the town is 60% black, but most of their officials are white. They haven't cared to voice their opinion at the ballot box until recently.

There's subtle and not so subtle racism; some people are racist, yet they honestly wouldn't see it that way. So, it's not intentional, at-least for some people it's not. The unemployment rate is nearly double that of whites. And that's part of the frustration we see within the black community. Not to mention the racist school zoning ordinances and the lower graduation rate among African Americans. So, they have the worst teachers, shattered homes, dirt-bag police officers, and the judicial system that can't wait to get them trapped inside the revolving door of social injustice.  Morgan Freeman is an atheist, and he is very wealthy and he does not care about the so-called black community.

In order to disregard race relations, the conversation, at-least to some degree, must be focused on strengthening racial ties; that starts with admitting the problem. And, like it or not there is a racial disparity which is unlike any other industrialized nation. America locks up more people than any other country, and the majority of those are blacks, and of those blacks,  the majority are for non-violent drug offenses, and whites do the same drugs at the same rate, yet blacks are locked up at nearly four times to that of their white counterparts. If we do not talk about the racial disparity, will it go away? (2). Do the problems with our judicial system dissolve  if we disregard the truth behind these, previously stated, data points? Alternatively, the makeup of a racist system of justice and education system, will not change unless we address these factual elements to place the racial divide into proper perspective.

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