Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nut-Job-Conservatives Blame Robin Williams Death On You Guessed it, Abortion.

Nut-job Conservatives claim Robin Williams recent suicide is the result of Liberalism and abortion. Because of course, it was.  Now, having an abortion and making a choice to have an abortion is not an easy one. However, it is one some folks make. Moreover, it is important to note that there's nothing more degrading than to throw someone's personal life into the public spotlight claiming this or that is why they killed themselves. However, Conservatives have a little class, and I doubt they'd understand that forgiveness is a Christian virtue. That is to say; we have no business condemning people to hell. Where the hell were all of these critics after the alleged abortion? Why weren't they praying for him? You wait until the man is dead to throw it up in his family's face, stay classy. To all of the self-righteous Conservatives, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Let a man's family grieve in peace, because you are making their life hell. The other day, Robin Williams daughter deleted her twitter account because she was being harassed; harassed by Conservatives, the ones claiming 'godliness' are sometimes the worst of all people. Godliness does not degrade people; it saves them. It saves them. If you are harassing the memory or family of Robin Williams, or anyone, you need to look in the mirror and do some soul searching.

"The story, titled "Robin Williams: Abortion of His Unborn Child May Have Added to Struggle With Depression," surfaced part of a biography of Williams that mentions that his girlfriend had an abortion in the 1970s." "Many are aware that Williams struggled for years with serious addiction issues. However a lesser known fact is that one of those demons was an abortion that took place in the 1970’s," Life News' Kevin Burke wrote. According to an excerpt from Andy Dougan's book, "From Robin Williams: A Biography," quoted by Life News, the actor said that he and his girlfriend decided she should have an abortion "because we were too young and it wasn’t right." Burke then asked if this contributed to Williams' battle with depression." "The writer analyzed Williams' battle with addiction and discussion of depression, looking for signs that it was in some way linked to the abortion."

It was not a secret that Robin Williams suffered from addiction. However, to suggest that because of an abortion his girlfriend had in the '70's is to  distort the reality of depression; especially, manic depression. Depression is not contingent on a specific issue rather its a constant struggle with life in general. However, there are triggers, but regret is not depression. Moreover, Conservatives are implying Robin Williams should have suffered from guilt over a decision made nearly 40 years ago. Is it possible to have guilt over something that happened 40 years ago? However, God offers forgiveness, through the shed blood of Christ.

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