Monday, August 25, 2014

Conservative Token Darkie: 'Protesters are like ISIS.'

Dinesh D'Sousa, a token darkie, convicted felon and adulterer compares Ferguson protesters to ISIS. Token-boy capitalizes off the struggle of minorities and turns them into profit for his illegal actions, of which to the charge he pleaded guilty. But, wait that's what ISIS does. They steal funds and use the money for equipment to terrorize people. So, D'Sousa claims protesters victimize people simply because they're mad. But, as often Conservatives do, he's missing the point, the point consists of a police department oppressing instead of defending the citizens they represent. Decades of racial tension finally exploded the day Police Officer Darren Wilson murdered unarmed teen, Mike Brown.

Conservative "token" darkie claims Ferguson, Missouri protesters resemble ISIS. No, ISIS is fighting to destroy everyone on the face of the earth, save the ones who can live up to their religious standards.
Ferguson, Missouri protesters, most of them, want justice for a teenaged boy shot to death by a racist, previously fired at another racist police department, cop. Darren Wilson's vacation and reward prize of nearly 300k for killing a black just may have been worth it. So, far no charges have been brought against the cop. CNN released audio of the fatal shots fired, at-least ten shots discharged from Wilson's firearm. And, this fully coincides with what the witnesses described. So-far, at-least five people gave similar accounts of the shooting, all of which includes Darren Wilson firing while Mike Brown ran away. Mike Brown stopped turned around hands raised.The cop began firing again, and there is a distinct pause in-between the fired rounds. So much for 'Josie' and her facebook stolen post version of the shooting. Her story, completely blown out of the water, and Darren Wilson's defense obliterated.

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