Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Lives are Just as Precious as White Lives.

 Black life, if black life denoted as much value as white life, the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri  wouldn't have taken place. First, in an attempt at justifying the shooting, the police chief, at a press conference, gave the impression  that a robbery and Mike Brown being stopped correlated. However, later that day, he was forced to walk his misleading statement back and said they were not related. In fact, the officer, Darren Wilson, had no knowledge of the alleged robbery, and Mike Brown did not know he was a suspect in the case. Although, if it was Brown shoplifting, he was wrong for that; however, again, that doesn't justify execution in the street. If a society claims rights, apply for certain citizens and not others, this type of police brutality will continue. There needs to be accountability for this young mans' death. If we are a nation of laws, we must arrest Darren Wilson for murder. Mike Brown, shot with his hands up sparkled fierce national and international outrage. African Americans, specifically young black men, are tired of seeing their peers of color shot by the police only to have it brushed under the rug, enough is enough.

So last night in Ferguson, Missouri protesters took to the streets voicing frustration over the Mike Brown shooting death. The teenager unarmed, 35 feet away from the police officer had his hands up but the officer still shot the kid. The shooting caught on camera sparked nationwide outrage. People nationwide held protests and images of solidarity flooded social media.The protest, again turned violent on Friday night as officers with military equipment gave an unsettling militarized state impression. Moreover, if you treat people like criminals, they're more likely to act out in a way that fits the narrative you are attempting to sell the public.

Moreover, the protest on Saturday night escalated from bad to worse with tear gas deployed, seven people arrested, and one person shot; said to be in critical condition. Saturday afternoon, Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, declared a 'state of emergency' and set a midnight curfew. From the beginning, I knew this was a bad idea. Reason being, if you tell protesters they must leave at a certain time, that is when the civil disobedience begins. You see it's not civil disobedience if you are allowing the protests. No, the protests are heard loud and clear when officials enforce the curfew.  To be clear most of the protesters left before or at curfew, but a few hundred stayed to get their voices heard in a manner people officials, etc. heard. Some of the protesters chanted, "we will not leave until cops arrest Darren Wilson," the police officer who allegedly shot unarmed teen Mike Brown. Of course, that wasn't happening last night. It goes to show the level of frustration within town of Ferguson, Missouri. In a sense, America never abandoned Jim Crow laws; they simply disguise how the prosecution of these infractions. It's evident within our criminal justice system, talk about the 'rigged game' that's relevant in the level of arrest and conviction of young black males, leading to a life within the judicial system.

The past week, protestors voiced their opinions, strong opinions, raw emotion and unwavering calls for justice for Mike Brown. So, how do the cops respond? The police shoot and kill a young man, and then they demonize everything about him; hoping the public, at least the people prone to be on the law enforcement side will support of them. The relentless character assassination is in high gear. The demonization of young black males in the Conservative media is essentially in creating an atmosphere of fear. A cycle of fear perpetuated by the far right and ruthless police. They do not identify with black life, so black life isn't worth what a white life is worth. After all, they kill each other every day. Therefore, from the initial premises, black life is seen as less valuable than white life.

Catastrophes such as this will continue to happen, unless black life is taken seriously, unless the future of young black men generates a sense of worth or investment, expect the continuation of a police state executed citizens, specifically African Americans with little  compassion.

For most with common sense, for whatever reason according to police, the worth of black life is nonexistent because associating human dignity with black lives would mean they kill blacks when unneeded. Therefore, accountability  requires answers as to why police kill at will. Rarely do white people face the level of disrespect and violation of their constitutional rights as opposed their black counterparts. People are frustrated that white people's treatment within regards to interaction with authorities drastically differs n comparison to that of colored people. There's a systemic failure within the criminal justice system and policing tactics in general. Far too often, people of color face police brutality, raped of their constitutional rights and face police execution in the streets. Luckily, social media of all forms provide a platform wherein video, images showing what happens at the time of  police brutality, thereby, making it harder for cops to lie. In addition holding police accountable for negligent behavior, becomes a possible reality. Which of course, cops assert, manifests itself as 'fear.' Because claiming you fear for your life and play down the humanity of the person you shot, the likelihood of facing charges is, for the most part, impossible. Although cops or pigs such as Darren Wilson should face trial, most doubt that will happen.

Darren Wilson is guilty of 'excessive force,' therefore disciplinary action is more than justified. Far too often, young black males face a stark view of the world around them. Most blacks, especially those in urban areas  face a hopeless future, at least that's what society ingrains in young black minds.Thus, black youth, especially young black males push forth, unknowingly, their 'self-fulfilling prophesy', one of which is contrary to  social acceptable behavior. Therefore, young blacks males fall into a cycle of violence, drugs, prison and the sense of a misguided success, which too often appears to be  unattainable. There's plenty of blame to go around first, family, the community, the church and the social structure of the criminal justice system which too often banks off incarcerated blacks; the new "plantation." Blacks and whites use drugs at the same rate, yet blacks are six times as likely to go to jail in comparison to their white counterparts. Not only are blacks six times as likely to go to jail, they also receive longer sentences than whites. Furthermore, The war on drugs is an extreme failure but the systematic racial component makes for-profit institutions very wealthy.

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