Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Racist Darren Wilson Supporter Goes Off On Hispanic Man.

 Racist Darren Wilson supporters exposed. At a recent rally for Darren Wilson, CNN's Jake Tapper interviewed a few Wilson supporters, and they went full blown racist on a Hispanic man standing in the vicinity. They mocked him and although he was speaking English question his English insinuated he wasn't a U.S. citizen to which the Hispanic man was visible shaken shouting 'I am an American citizen. Do you got that?'  So, stop asking why I rag on racist bastards. I expose the racist evil bigots because they present themselves as righteous. However, they're anything but righteous. The wickedness exists, so stop saying we should stop talking about racism because in truth, we're all human beings and deserve the right to an equally peaceful life, one without racist right-wing nut jobs forcing their Patriotic Christianity on the rest of us.

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