Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams.

The passing of Robin Williams brought me to think about my battle with severe depression. One thing that is true, if you have no hope, you have nothing left. Living feels like a burden and not a gift. Regardless of how famous, infamous, or nonexistent you are; there's nothing that can bring a person completely out of depression. Medication can be a tremendous help, but that doesn't always work. Spiritually, God can pull you out of anything, but for now, we are in the flesh. Therefore, the struggles others face, we also face.  So, it's easy to say, well trusting in God is everything, and spiritually the holy spirit will guide you. However, there are times we left the flesh get the better of us. Not because we're weak per say, but because we're human. Robin Williams was such a great energetic and humorous actor.You never know what's going on - on the inside of people. Depression is a horrible illness that can debilitate, but is somewhat treatable. One needs people in their life to help them and interpersonal relationships. Because superficial relationships, although flattering, don't build the daily interaction needed in a person, let alone a person with a mental illness.
Of course, we need to trust God. And, we need always to seek help, even if we feel we can handle it on our own, there are some things bigger especially mental illnesses. Medication can be of significant help, and therapy is also effective, but we also need God. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you won't struggle because you will, but Christ, freely, grants hope. It's easy to say, seek help. It's harder to pick up the phone and call people you know struggle with illnesses such as depression. God calls us to care forth less fortunate, that includes the less fortunate struggle with mental illnesses something most people disregard. Many prayers to Mr. William's friends and family.

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