Monday, August 11, 2014

Update: Ruthless ISIS, Crucifying, Beheading Shooting, And Burying People Alive.

With the assistance of U. S., airstrikes, Kurdish forces seize back two towns from the ISIS, or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.Kurdish peshmerga fighters were able to push the militants of the Islamic State group out of the villages of Makhmour and al-Gweir, some 45 kilometers from Irbil, Brig. Gen. Shirko Fatih said. Recently, they've dropped the ending IS, and simply go by, Islamic State. I pray the Kurds blow the hell out of these sons of bitch terrorists. IS wants to set up an Islamic Caliphate, one reminisce of the Ottoman Empire. To complete their objective IS - is marching their way through Iraq and southern Syria, the region was weakened and dismantled by the disastrous 2003 unprovoked invasion of Iraq; whereby destabilizing the middle east. And, since Syria is chaos, Muslims "freedom fighters" trying to overthrow Syrian dictator near the north-west border or Iraq and northeast border of Iraq. However, there's so much fighting an instability in Iraq and Syria makes it hard to define specifically where.

Especially, when considering lately, the fighting has intensified, just today, according to 'Newsweek,' five men beheaded, two Syrian men crucified, and ten men shot dead. And now there are calls, especially on the right, to do more in the region of Iraq. However going into Iraq, in the first place, was stupid. It goes without saying, getting involved was a colossal mistake, and if we engage in another Iraqi conflict, it will be stupid - stupid to assume that military might will roll back the centuries of animosity various religious sects have towards each other; especially the Sunni and Shite Muslims. Virtually all other religious sects are oppressed by Muslims. Now, we see a systematic ethnic and religious cleansing of anyone who doesn't agree or convert to Islam.The '03 illegal unprovoked of Iraq was such a horrible idea, and now we see the monster we created slaughter each other, and as of late many minority groups fear for their lives. The minorities, Christians, and the Yazidis have fled their homes because of the ruthless terrorist ISIS.

 "Humanitarian aid by the U.S. is certainly commendable but won’t stop this slaughter. Former President Clinton has spoken so many times of his regret in not stopping the genocide in Rwanda that cost over 800,000 men, women, and children their lives. Is this any different? Perhaps the Islamic State is seen by the editorial board as reasonable enough to come to the bargaining table. So far, the Islamic State has been quite predictable: convert to Islam or die. Is there any evidence that its members would stop their slaughter without suffering military defeats?" God, and not allah, be with us all.

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