Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Christian Revisionist 'American Family Association' Diagnose Christian Singer as "Broken."

So,  'American Family Associations' Ed Vitigliano attempts to, feeble-mindedly, pseudo-diagnose recently out of the closet Christian singer, Vicky Beeching. Of course, he made reference to her appearance referring to her as 'beautiful lady.' There's a difference between giving a compliment and drooling over your computer in a blog post, and, I have the impression; he did the latter.
The author implies that Vicky Beeching must be 'broken.' Because we all know brokenness in a person's life is a factual reasoning behind their homosexual ideation, of course, not.  By all accounts, Ms. Beeching is far from broken, she is very knowledgeable of the Bible, and to top it off has an angelic voice. The author continues with a nonsensical characterization of someone he has never met. For example, I do not have to know someone to say they are a good singer. I do not have to know someone to say they are attractive. However, I do have to know someone to understand their personal experiences. Moreover, to be honest, it is her business. She does not have to share her personal life. However, in a video earlier this week, she did share some of her struggles with homosexuality. She said she knew since age 13 she was gay. She struggled to reconcile these feelings with her spirituality, with Christianity. Because as she said she believed homosexuality to be wrong. At one point the interview she says, she sobbed with her face on the floor asking God to take her life because she could not 'actually take it.' She talked about psychology and that God has given us a brain and science to help us understand the world around us. She also spoke of how damaging it can be to tell someone being gay is "sinful" because it can psychologically damage children. I'll be the first to say; I could not understand her struggle. Reason being,

I am not gay. Therefore, I cannot possibly relate to what she, or any homosexual faces. If someone as talented and spiritually filled as Vicky Beechy has come to terms with her sexuality, her boldness might start a conversation about sexuality and the Biblical principles therein. Ms. Beechy also says 'what if the Bible does not actually say what we think it says about homosexuality?' She is alluding an indication of possible misunderstanding the Scriptures. I do not believe that, for one second, it is wrong to search the Scriptures and the historical implication of modern society. Knowing first and foremost, God never changes. Teaching children homosexuality is sinful and of the devil can lead kids to believe it is not them feeling these feelings rather the devil is controlling their mind. Ms. Beechy said she apologized to God more times than possible to count. She believed these feelings of same-sex attraction were the devil manipulating her mind. She reflected on the teachings within the church to support her previous sentiments.

Since then, she concluded the wiring in people's minds, within regards to sexual attraction differ, and that same-sex attraction is not necessarily a choice, as far as same-sex attraction. The author of the post from the American Family Association claims she might need a miracle to turn her straight. My disappointment with the writer's post is, after perving out, he ignorantly calls the woman broken. However, the brokenness is found within the empty mind of a career white nationalist mix with revisionist Christianity. Some organizations present themselves as "family" oriented but are nothing more than a white right wing Christian revisionist club.
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