Friday, September 12, 2014

Update: Alex McFarland: America Apologize for The Black Guy and Helping the Poor. Other Topics Too...

Alex McFarland is a Conservative apologist, constantly asking Conservatives to apologize to God because, they're so guilty and all. He's back fear-mongering, this time, he's claiming ISIS is a result of you guess it, Obama. Because the Affordable Care Act gives poor people access to health care, we cannot have that now can we. And, because helping people is something Jesus would be against, and stuff. After all, Jesus told people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. Except for the fact that he did not say that, although it sounds good coming from selfishly proud people. Alex inaccurately claims the Affordable Care Act pays for abortions. Again, fear-mongering and spreading misinformation is something Conservatives do well.

McFarland said:“Those who supported this presidency—either through ignorance or through malicious intent—have supported the taking of human life, the rejection of Israel's right to defend itself, and the promotion of homosexuality to the detriment of the family. And those who supported these things need to get on their knees and ask God's forgiveness for violating His Word and to pray for His mercy on our nation”.(1).

The people enabled Obama apparently causing ISIS to develop from baby terrorists into big terrorists to take on America? Because the illegal invasion of Iraq has nothing to do with the current situation. Right? Wrong, ISIS became a fighting force upon George Bush, and Conservative enablers voicing support for the invasion of a sovereign nation, and they fought us because we were in their country. We killed the only person these terrorist feared, Saddam. And, it's not that he was a nice guy because he wasn't, it's that he was ruthless and kept order through force. Once we took him out and were an occupying force, rag-tag Islamic extremists took the opportunity to fight who they saw as the aggressor, and the sad part is they were right. I don't have any love for evil doers, so that's not the point. Point being, America made more enemies than partners through nativity and war-hungry politicians.

Their new claim, Obamacare will lead to an apocalypse.You cannot make this stuff up, except for the fact, they spend their time scaring themselves to death.  Instead of living the life God's blessed them with, they would much rather get your attention through mental manipulation. Instead of doing what Jesus told them to do, they would rather rag on the black guy in the White House. Because we all know, Jesus was white. Surely white people existed in the Middle East and even Africa, right? Jesus wasn't white folks.

When you point out the obvious some people, specifically white people, will ask if his color matters. First, regardless of color the truth is important.Well, it does because the white Jesus you have in your home isn't the true biblical  Christ. As a matter of fact, some Christians believe whites were the chosen people. I say this because the root of the problem within Christianity specifically Conservative Caucasian views is an inferiority complex. What I've experienced is white Conservatives tend to generalize people of other ethnicities. Thus, as a matter of fact, they feel superior. Again, it goes back to their need to believe Christ was white, even though the book of Revelations, among other place, says else wise. So, what's the problem? Why are they so mad at Obama? His Islam ties? We claim Christianity. Is he a baby killer? Under Obama we've seen the lowest number of abortions in 40-years. Is he a mass spender? Well, the deficit and stock markets have rarely been better. Oh, that homosexual agenda, that must be their beef. Right? We do not live in a theocracy. Not a theocracy of any religion. But, these people, Conservative, do not understand.

Now, think about this, Conservatives cannot stand blacks, but blacks came to this country in chains, and treated worse than animals. They were kept from reading and writing, and taught only what the slave master wanted them to know. So, they were raped of their body, freedom, knowledge, wisdom and cultural wealth. They prayed to a white Jesus, and they loved him regardless - they loved him regardless of their treatment. Today people call us dividers because we study the truth about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His color doesn't change His infinite worth and glory, but it does give us an understanding of who we are and why we think the way we think. To someone such as myself, ethnicity doesn't matter, as a matter of fact, I am multi-ethnic. Ethnicity has never mattered to me, but the truth of the matter is ethnic - race perceptions do matter in general. Within the context of bigotry, that's where color comes into question most, within the context of bigotry. Pastors claim: DON"T TELL ME WHAT TO PREACH. Well, one thing you should worry about is your first amendment is in a sense unlimited, but your tax exempt status does have limitations. For example, I cannot use a political platform to funnel in dark money to politicians, which is why the I.R.S looked into the Conservative and Liberal groups in the first place. I wonder why they won't tell you the truth? Of course, most of this is flippant, facetious, frustration with the Conservative Christians for making us otherwise reasonable believers look stupid!

1). Ronald DeGrove. (12 September 2014). Christian Taliban Leader: Obama Voters ‘Need To Get On Their Knees And Ask For God’s Forgiveness’ FireBrand Progressives. http://firebrandprogressives.org/christian-taliban-leader-obama-voters-need-get-knees-ask-gods-forgiveness/

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