Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bryan Fischer's Irrationality on Eric Holder

Christian fundamentally flawed, Bryan Fischer, leader of a hate group,blasts Eric Holder for treating everyone equal under the constitution. Imagine that. Junk debunked science pusher and white nationalist sympathizer Fischer also claims Holder is an anti-white racist. Which, of course, is false. Apparently, Fischer doesn't realize Hold's half white. Sounds to me like Fischer is the racist one. Additionally, Fischer is a Christian Revisionist, which is to say he pushes a false problematic rendition of American history giving the historically inaccurate impression that America is founded on Christian principles. Furthermore, he claims religious liberty is under attack. Any time you hear the words 'religious liberty,' watch out because most likely they're Christian Revisionist paid off pushing false Christian narratives seeking to silence anyone who disagrees with them. Due to secularism and inclusionism Fischer, and like-minded folks, reject the fact, America is a free nation. He's on the bandwagon of the false there's a  "battle against Christmas" campaign. Of course, there's not but these people scare those who won't check the news for themselves into hating anyone who disagrees with their point of view.

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