Monday, September 15, 2014

Cops Beat Their Partners At Double The Rate As People of Other Professions.

Domestic violence is a shocking trend in America, and the statistics reveal the professions of those most likely involved in domestic violence is even more shocking. Cops abuse their partners at nearly double the rate of other people. Studies find that police officers, even when the abuse comes to light, still receive promotions. It's a 'good ole boy' treatment, and it's not appropriate; especially when considering spousal and partner abuse creates a toxic environment for all involved. If cops arrest people for beating their partners, how is it policemen get away with the same behavior?

"Law Enforcement officers beat their significant other at nearly double the national average. Several studies, according to Diane Wetendorf, author of Police Domestic Violence: Handbook for Victims, indicate that women suffer domestic abuse in at least 40 percent of police officer families. For American women overall, the figure is 25 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to The Advocates for Human Rights Organization, studies indicate that police families are 2-4 times more likely than the general population to experience domestic violence, making the potential for disparities in protective success particularly troubling.

Historian John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, has a famous quote, Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This rings true through all levels of government ‘power,’ however it is particular prevalent among police officers.

Sociopaths are attracted to positions in which they are able to assert authority over others, so it should come as no surprise that there are higher concentrations of sociopaths within law enforcement.

The trouble with spousal abuse lies in the very nature of police work. The authority and control in the wrong hands, will be misused, according to domestic violence counselors.

What makes police domestic violence more difficult to deal with is the fact that women feel scared to report it. Even advocates for battered women are reluctant to dive into domestic violence cases involving police for fear of alienating the agencies they rely upon for help in other abuse cases,  according to a report by SFGate.

When other women report their abuse, they do so to law enforcement officers. Think about it from the position of the one being abused by a law enforcement officer. The one doing the beating is simultaneously holding a position in which they are tasked with preventing that very abuse!"(1).

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, seek help. Pray and seek spiritual guidance. But also call numbers such as the following: 0808-2000-247

1). Matt Agorist. (7 May 2014). Statistics show that 1 in 4 women in the US is a victim of domestic violence, those numbers jump to 1 in 2 if they are married to a cop. Free Thought Project.

2). Refuge. 24-hour National Domestic Violence. Freephone Helpline. 0808-2000-247.http://www.nationaldomesticviolencehelpline.org.uk/

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