Monday, September 29, 2014

'Coach' Dave Claims People Call Him Names Because They Reject God.

Conspiracy theorist 'coach' Dave claims people call him names because they're under strong delusion, but then says there's a wall around him that's being torn down; thus exposing himself to greater outside forces. Falling down are the laws of nature because the rejection for God has become commonplace. Also, he quotes Thomas Jefferson a deist, inaccurately, asserting the separation of church and state is sinful.
He describes how Americans lack an understanding of God's word and how complacency of professing Christians leads to inaction. Because of the rejection of God, we don't know right from wrong.  So people seek alternative method, to the world around us because they want to ignore the "facts." Dave claims the judgement of God is upon the nation. He says he exposed himself to greater outside forces, and the natural consequences of nature are ripping his Christian principles to knots.

However, Mr. Dave fails to understand the thieving forefathers sailed ship and came to the U.S. to get away from religious oppression, and America is said to be a established on secularism and not Christianity.
Although many problems exist, the insinuation America is calling a  man names because the degradation of society is ludicrous at best. People call Dave a nut because of his radical right position, which he's allowed to possess. Because it's more than merely Christian views, it's that he bought into the negative ideology laced with racial biases and conspiracy apologetic propaganda.

No Dave, people don't call you names because you're a Christian, heck they don't even call you names because they dislike you. The reason folks call you name is, the way you present nonfactual, at best, news and tie into the equation a Brietbarte or another right-wing reference makes you appear well, silly. You see some of those right wing conspiracy theorists that you apparently attribute truth to, aren't, actually, neutral. And, it's not that everyone or anyone is entirely impartial but when you put yourself out there, people are bound to speak their mind because worshiping the U.S. Constitution in any way isn't Biblical. However, I can understand if people love this country. I served in the military and do as well, but I do not hold the U.S. Constitution as god-breathed as some right wingers do. No, I do not believe God wrote the U.S. Constitution as do some of the people you follow I guess if you focus less on sexual sin and focus on crime against God broadly a lot of the negativity would subside, although that is simply my opinion.

"Daubenmire was discussing an ongoing battle between a strip club in Ohio and a local pastor who was been relentlessly working to get it shut down when he marveled that people could actually disagree with the pastor, saying that the only logical explanation for this is that God has sent delusions upon people because this nation has turned away from Him, as stated in 2 Thessalonians." (1).

1). Kyle Mantyla. (29 September 2014). Daubenmire: People Not Agreeing With Me Is A Sign Of God's Judgment Upon America. Right Wing Watch. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/daubenmire-people-not-agreeing-me-sign-gods-judgment-upon-america#sthash.Lww7tzGA.dpuf

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