Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't Allow ISIL to Terrorize You.

Recently, ISIS is on the offense in their psychological gorilla warfare campaign producing several of rather decent quality trailers and action videos for propaganda purposes. Although despicable, their tactics work. If we give in to IS fear-mongering we might be pushed into conducting military action, something we might in the future regret. That is to say what ISIS or ISIL or the IS are doing defies the most fundamental principles of humanity and the right to live in peace. No God worth serving would be in ISIS's corner. They behead men, children and women. IS oppresses their captives and makes life a living hell for their naive followers under the Sharia law. The law that Muslims follow by means of the spiritual text, the Koran.  Now, the Koran calls for some pretty messed up punishments for otherwise non-violent or even moral issues. For example, for using drugs or trafficking drugs it's possible to receive the death penalty. For adultery  within the Muslim faith, it's punishable by stoning. If you're caught smoking there is punishment. In some countries namely Iran, for engaging in  homosexual activity, you can be hanged. Another method of execution for countries who practice Sharia law is beheading. If stupid people can reasonably conclude murder is wrong, how is it Muslims decide it's noble to kill American servicemen for simply following orders? The truth is Islam is a wicked religion cloaked in a garment of peace for the unknowing people who bow to political correctness. Now, I love all people regardless of their faith. And, I would be considered a Liberal Christian because I am not stoning homosexuals in speech. However, I am against hard line Islam and I believe it's dangerous. I am a Christian and I believe Islam is a  false religion.  Although the media claims Islam is peaceful, please don't believe what they say. Believe what you see extremist do. For example, there's clear evidence of mass execution and mass beheading and mass enslavement and the rape of women. The face of Islam presents itself as one of openness and kindness, however, that the facade, with systematic scrutiny, becomes a blurred line because after ISIS murderers people what do they shout? 'God is great!'

So, the God of Islam is too pathetic to love anyone because the murder of innocence pleases him. Why, because Allah is a self-worshiped complex. Take for example Muslims praying five times a day, or their works, they feel good about themselves. Islam is not only pathetic, but the entire religion is based on self-gratification. We must not be terrorized by these wicked terrorists. If you let them terrorist society, they've won. Now, Muslims claim Islam is submission to God. However, it's a suspension of the truth in exchange for works based on a false prophet's claim. Muhammad, a false prophet, claim Muslims are to do certain things and 'maybe' God will forgive them on the day of judgement.

"The Islamic State has commanded Muslims to kill “disbelieving” citizens from countries that have formed a coalition against the extremist fighters. The militant group now has large parts of Syria and Iraq under its control. "If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian or any other disbeliever... including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and [do it]," said Adnani, according to the English-language transcript of the speech, which appeared on Monday at the SITE monitoring website."(1).

Don't allow this statement to cause too much panic because the truth is Muslim Jihadists have long wanted to kill Americans, so this is nothing new.

1). Russian Television. (22 September 2014). ISIS urges Muslims to launch attacks on civilians from US-led coalition member-states. Russian Television.

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