Monday, September 8, 2014

"Duck Dynasty" Actor to Christians: Take Non-believers to "Left Behind" Movie.

Silly washed up 'Duck Dynasty' actor Willie Robertson encourages Christians to invite unbelievers to the new Nicolas Cage "Left Behind" movie about the rapture. Because he's sure, before they arrive home, they'll be Christian. According to Willie, his family eagerly awaits the return of Jesus Christ; insisting it could be soon. Because of the problems in the world today, and there are many, this "Left Behind" movie might bring them to Christ through the realization time isn't on our side.

“Like most Christians, my family and I can truly say that we’re excited about the soon return of Jesus,” Robertson says in the video. “And I’m sure, if you've been watching the news lately, you know that that return could be any day from now.”

"“And I believe people are going to make that life-changing decision to follow Christ on the way home from the theater on Oct. 3.” Hopefully people do get saved, however, it won't be up to us if they accept Christ. It's a personal decision on makes.

“Let’s all make sure we bring some friends and family to see this movie – people who need to see to believe. Opening the door to unbelievers has never been this fun!”

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