Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Fam Mob' "Flash Mob" Strikes Dollar Store in Memphis, TN (CNN)

In this video a gang 'Fam Mob' teens 'flash mob' a local Dollar Store, beating a worker while on the ground stomping on his head. The store employee, in the fertile position until the teens dispersed. Another store clerk was lightly injured in the insane smash and grab. Police charge a fifteen-year-old seen in the video. Also, two other teens family members turned them into police. Currently, police are questioning a third teen.

A "Flash Mob" is a group of people walking into a store grabbing as much merchandise as they can and running off. The idea is the store employees cannot stop or identify everyone and most likely won't catch anyone in the group for safety concerns. Two of the clerks visited the hospital, however, reportedly shaken but fine.

A reporter asked people on the street what they thought about the flash mob allegedly caught on tape. People, disgusted claimed this is why people carry guns, and people die because these African American 'flash mob' groups confirm what racist folks already believe, which is, black people equal danger.

For full context view the video.

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