Monday, September 8, 2014

Former Delusional Bush Spokesman: "Words Matter."

Ari Fleisher, former Bush aide, claims President Obama essentially invade Iraq and Syria. Ari claims airstrikes won't defeat ISIS and leadership that may require ground troops. Former Spokesman Ari Fleischer indicated Obama's doing everything to avoid the appearance of George Bushes' illegal 'war crime' invasion of Iraq. You know, I would avoid the Bush Administration interventionism and adventurism as possible. Because in the end, we have to decide whether we're a nation of laws or a nation whose no better than the war criminals we contend to contain and destroy. America's military shouldn't be used experimentally, meaning the strength of America's military might is for legal conflict rather than preemptive war.

Fleisher also claimed "words matter." I agree, however, why didn't you explain this to Bush? You know the guy who lied us into an illegal war claiming Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. That's interesting because I don't recall you saying a word about Bush's invasion of Iraq. Scratches head and ponders. Oh, well, taken place is done, right? Of course, not he, Bush, is still guilty of egregious war crimes pillage and mass murder, genocide and a war of aggression.
Wait, this means Ari, you're a war criminal too. Because you knew, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction yet daily you claimed they did. You're an accessory, an enabler for mass deception, manipulation and fear-mongering because you're right Ari, words matter. If only Bush knew the value of words. We wouldn't have gone into Iraq. Right? Well, weapons inspectors told Bush there were no wmd's. Bush's response, "I don't give a damn, I am going to kick some ass." Remember those words Mr. Spokesman? Or, did those words not matter?

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