Monday, September 15, 2014

ISIS' Only Real Weapon is Terrorism.

ISIS, their tactics are primitive, but they're good at psychological terrorism, and that is almost as bad as the beheadings themselves. However, they have limited personnel, skills and equipment. ISIS is good at waging an emotional, social media warfare campaign. The terrorism works as well as well let it. Meaning, if we understand their desperate tactics, they're not as terrifying. At the same time, there's no denying their wickedness. These people are evil, if not more than that, and their tactics follow their (false) Prophet Muhammad whose said to have beheaded 600 people himself. Islam is NOT a religion of peace; however, there are peaceful Muslims. We can take care of ISIS without bringing several thousand ground troops in, but I don't know our government will be as smart as it ought. Congress, specifically certain individuals such as John McCain and Lyndsy Graham, make ISIS out to be more than what they are, terrorist. If the politicians wouldn't send their children to the combat zone, because they know it's the wrong call, they should avoid sending the troops at all cost. Better yet, if they wouldn't go themselves, don't send America's children.

And, regardless, had George Bush not created ISIS with his illegal invasion of Iraq, ISIS wouldn't exist. Before we invaded Iraq, no terrorist flourished in Iraq. Because Saddam was ruthless, he wouldn't put up with these people in Iraq, ISIS doesn't respect the current Iraqi government or their weak military that your tax dollars paid to flee from battle when they could've easily defeated ISIS. Now, Iraq wants American soldiers to come die for them.

Instead of waiting for a coalition of forces, politicians naively criticize President Obama, for being smarter than George Bush. Additionally, we need to understand military action is costly, and there should be funds allocated for any action because if not, later people will ask, why didn't we think about the cost before the war? A start would be to cut off military aid to any country that won't fight with America against ISIS. Furthermore, reduce the amount of overall assistance we give to other countries.
ISIS 'IS' ISIL, you choose, whatever the case, they use terrorism as a method of operation just as did Muhammad. ISIS is, in a sense, doing the world a favor because if you see what these monsters do, hopefully you'll think twice before converted to a religion whose text calls for terrorism. Their book calls for terrorism, especially, against those who refuse to believe in not only their false prophet but also their fake god. Because no 'good' God would approve of what ISIS is doing. But, according to the Qu'ran Allah approves, and these people are following what their book says about beheading the  unbelievers. The so-called "moderate" Muslims dismiss these verses or seek to claim they're not to be taken literal. Well, if that's the case, Allah, Muhammad sure made it confusing to understand. Furthermore, they claim to believe in the prophets and the Bible. But, Moses by his own words defines Muhammad as a false prophet. (Deuteronomy 18: 18-19). Please view this verse in the (Qu'ran too:Al-Tabari 6:111).

Also, public prayer that Jesus said is better to be done in private. However, they pray publically five times a day. Also, Muslims believe in the virgin birth, but they don't believe Jesus is the "Son" of God, nor do they believe the Romans crucified Christ. And, they surely don't think Christ resurrected. Instead, they believe God basically kidnapped Jesus so; they couldn't crucify him. If they don't believe Christ death, burial and resurrection, they're do NOT believe in the same Jesus. Because the Bible is clear about Jesus identity, let alone his purpose for coming to this earth.

One has to wounder why they, Muslims, don't believe Christ is the savior. Well, Muhammad, who literally did not know whether his "revelations" came from Satan or an angel, claimed God has no children. Instead, a nine-year-old girl told him; it was God speaking to him. Ironically, I guess I agree, Muhammad is no child of God. Additionally, usually in the Bible the angel or etc., introduces themselves, especially if the name was asked. When deceiving Muhammad, Satan didn't need to identify himself because Muhammad was already his child.

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