Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pastor Cruz Claims Blacks Just Don't Understand Minimum Wage.

Racist borderline Sociopath, Pastor Rafael Cruz, claims blacks don't understand the minimum wage. Well, one thing they know is you're an immigrant, and if you cannot get along with folks in this country see your way back to Cuba, and see how they like you there. You rascal looking bugger. God loves you, and the "good news" is, you can still be saved! Rafael's arrogance is disgusting and despicable.

Self-hating Cruz attempts to school his naive congregants on the 'Civil Rights Movement' claiming Republicans passed the legislation. Not so fast squirrel, Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the 'Civil Rights Act.' A Republican Senate in session, however. Everyone knows the Democratic Party had KKK members, however, they also claimed to be Christians. After the Civil Rights Act had passed, racist flocked to the Republican Party like roaches. So, spare us the history lesson, jackass.

Additionally, Pastor Cruz the racist, brainwashes anyone who will listen to him claiming his son Senator Ted Cruz is anointed to lead America. And, he would know this because he told himself so. In other words, their sham is to get you voting for Ted Cruz because patriotic Christian revisionism is in strong effect. People believe the U.S. Constitution is a holy spirit inspired although it isn't true, Conservatives such as Cruz relentlessly manipulate the mind of a simple and silly. If anyone tells you the U.S. Constitution is the holy spirit inspired work, please think reconsider listening to anything else they have to say.

Andrew Kaczynski. (3 September 2014). Ted Cruz’s Dad: “The Average Black Does Not” Understand The Minimum Wage Is Bad. BuzzFeed News.http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/ted-cruzs-dad-the-average-black-does-not-understand-the-mini?utm_term=meewuw#l601wa

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