Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pastor's Butt Plugged Over Homosexuality

This inarticulate understanding persists when folks cannot rightly divide the Bible; this prideful facade confuses their ability to reason the 'age of grace,' the law, metaphor, and literal interpretation. Because they all have their place within the scriptures, so if one does not rightly divide, they say silly things. In other words, he doesn't know the Bible.

Although he has his talking points down pat, he misleads even himself. His ego and questionable sexuality are troubling. No straight man talks about homosexuality the way people like him do, over, and over. Okay, guy, we got it, you're against homosexuals as we should; however, if you claim they deserve death you better make sure you don't qualify for the eternal death yourself. Furthermore, it's a bit hypocritical to not teach your congregation other sins 'worthy of death.' Is there a reason you and so many other men focus solely on homosexuality? And, it's not speaking against homosexuality that's a problem - the problem is you hypocritically and purposely skip over that which you KNOW people are doing in your church.

So, you want to murder homosexuals, but don't worry disobedient children, I unilaterally pardon you. Is that how you think it works, pastor? No, unfortunately for you that's not how it works. If you wish to keep the law, you better keep the whole law. We live in the 'age of grace' Jesus settle the payment for sin. However,  it's up to a person to take off not accept the gift. However, the death penalty for homosexuality was under the law. WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW! If we were, half this church would be put to death for having sex outside marriage. Hypocrite!

In the dispensation or 'age of grace,' we are not under the law, as given to Israel. Jesus Christ didn't come to keep us under the law! There is a penalty for sin; this is true; however, grace and mercy should rule society.  Eternal punishment for crime is God's responsibility, not ours. One one side there's judgment and on the other side mercy. Jesus paid God's judgement and our punishment with his blood; therefore, Christ's forgiveness is granted through His blood.  If, you believe Jesus Christ lived, died, and raised from the dead and that he did it for you - Jesus said: "He that beliefs on me has eternal life." Jn 6:47

However, if you want to live 'under the law' make sure you follow the law in its entirety. If your kids are disobedient, you better stone them to death. If you eat shellfish or wear two separate fabricate, slip and committed adultery the list goes on. Do you see the problem with murdering sects of which you disagree?

Is homosexuality a sin? You better believe it is, but it is not the only sin. And, it's not the only crime listed as worthy of death as previously described.

Not to mention the fact, this pastor is a clear racist. Anytime someone rationalizes racism and claims to have repented for something he just justified, watch out. Chances are he's undercover  racist homosexual, or he has homosexual ideation, he struggled with throughout his life. So now, pastors, such as this project their thoughts and desires are sickening. Claiming the Bible says something in reference to something it actually isn't speaking, however.

Video Below.

1).David Edwards. (3 September 2014).TN pastor vows not to ‘repent’ for homophobia: God says gays ‘must be put to death.' The Raw Story.

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