Monday, September 8, 2014

Pseudo-Psycho-Therapist Bryan Fischer "Diagnoses" Obama: 'Pathological Narcissist.'

Science hating, designated hate group leader, Bryan Fischer, attempts to diagnose President Obama with Pathological Narcissism. Fischer of the 'American Family Association,' a white nationalist friendly pseudo-Christian organization claimed after watching President Obama's interview with Reporter Chuck Todd of "Meet the Press" Obama thinks he's smarter than everyone else and believes unless you're as smart as him you don't deserve to be around him.Because reaching out to under-privileged children isn't why he initiated "My Brother's Keeper"; which is a program for low-income disadvantaged African Americans to push back on a "fatherless" brown America. Right? Because we all know, that's what the president thinks. Wrong. Well, let's think about this for a moment, what did the president say to make himself sound narcissistic? Not a damn thing. Bryan Fischer is the one who hates the president because for one; he's not white. Let's be honest if you're not white the American Family Association has problems with you unless you're a "token darkie." Bryan Fischer loves ragging on Democrats and Liberals because he believes they're god haters. Again, Fischer is the one assisting a designated hate group reaches at-least thousands of people daily.

1).Kykle Mantyla. (8 September 2014).Dr. Bryan Fischer Declares That President Obama Is A 'Pathological Narcissist.' Right Wing Watch. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/dr-bryan-fischer-declares-president-obama-pathological-narcissist#sthash.pbMys5Oz.dpuf

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