Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Think Before Rushing Into War With 'ISIS.'

'IS' Islamic State, formerly known as the 'ISIS,' needs to be dealt with; however, there are many factors to consider not the least of which concern a blurred 'border' in-between Iraq and Syria. Islamic terrorists remain, for the most part, in Syria. Of course, herein lies a big ethical and legal challenge. On one hand a murderous regime, Assad, and on the other hand Islamist extremist. Both are committing major atrocities and 'war crimes.' So, if America or any country enters Syria this could be viewed as an "act of aggression," which is a war crime. At the same time, if we believe containing ISIS from Iraq is possible, we've played into their sick game of terrorizing people and having a save heaven to do so.

The key maybe the fact that ISIS filmed the beheading of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and used the video as propaganda for not only the terror factor but also, a recruitment tool. This act of terror essentially is an act of war. If that is true, and the beheadings are considered an act of war against the United States, technically the United States would have justification for hitting targets in Syria. But, this would be helping Assad, a dictator. Strengthening the dictator, whereby empowering him against the opposition force in Syria would also be counterproductive.

At the moment, Syria is involved in a civil war and getting involved could trigger further fraction of  Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan. The Kurds are also fighting ISIS with the cooperation and support of United States airstrikes. If America goes to war the old saying "you broke it you fix it" applies. Can or does the United States wish to provide economically for not only American but Syria too? The U.S. still has two wars on credit, and we might begin a third war. Much thought and serious debate to come to a reasonable strategy is indeed important. Not to mention the fact that ISIS wants American soldiers to enter the fighting, and this poses another problem which is, can the United States suggest Americans will be, as Dick Cheney said, "liberate"? Of course, not. ISIS would like nothing more than to kill American soldiers. What is America's response if, God forbid; ISIS beheads U.S. soldiers? If the U.S. introduces ground troops, the cost for such military
action will be astronomical, and how America will pay for the war should be a topic of thoughtful discussion.The U.S. shouldn't send troops overseas without thinking through the cost and analyzing the true value of a recovering economy. Americans do not want another economic crisis, at-least not in their lifetime.

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