Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Convert or Kill ISIS?

First, we all have freedom of speech. That's a great right that we have in this country. So, when washed up hit reality series star of 'Duck Dynasty' Phil Robertson says we should 'convert or kill ISIS,' he's perfectly
allowed to say it. However, I would say it's a bit naive and hypocritical. Please read this post through to understand what mean because ISIS makes the same declaration. 'Kill them if they do not convert to Islam.' Kill anyone who refuses their brand of Islam whatever that maybe because if you read the Koran you'll see what they're doing lines up with their text. So, they're, in fact, following their religion. In order to be victorious, their false Prophet Muhammad realized terrorism births fear. If you look in the Middle East, specifically in Iraq and Syria, ISIS or the Islamic State is feared throughout the region. So much so; the Iraqi and Syrian armies surrender without fighting. Hundreds of soldiers simply surrender. As if the Islamic State has intentions of letting them live. And, does the Islamic State provide soldiers the ability to 'convert?' Of course, not. They simply murder the soldiers or anyone who gets into their path. However, this is what their false prophet commanded. In the United States, we speak of "moderate Islam" as if there is such an element. No, most Muslims don't know what the Koran says, so their involvement in Islam is cultural, generational, and influenced by family tradition.

So, when they see Muslims killing indiscriminately they're, some "moderates" empathize with victims, but they don't understand, their Scriptures teach them to kill as ISIS is doing. One passage in the Koran says within regards to the disbeliever, "kill them wherever you find them until they convert." In other words if a city sees 50 people die, maybe converting will keep them alive. Again, instilling fear is a prime attribute to the jihadist movement. If you don't fear them, they're not as tough. But, if you fear them as the Iraqi soldiers do then you've lost spiritual ground with Islam.

One thing that's obvious is surrendering to these people rarely works, playing nice with them will never get you far because if it comes your time, ISIS will slice your neck too. And, that's not fear-mongering that's according to their text. By now, it should be apparent; ISIS has no mercy for innocent civilians. It's not a
coincidence the world is in flames, and the common denominator is radical Islam. Moreover, stop letting folks insist 'we all worship the same God' because we do not. Muslims worship another God and ascribe no divinity to Christ They do not believe Jesus Christ died on the cross or rose from the dead. They deny the Son of God that is the core of Christianity. Not to mention the fact, according to Moses, Muhammad is a false prophet. Therefore, we do not worship the same God.

At the same time, overall, Muslims are peaceful, but a growing number of extremists not only ruin the image of peaceful Muslims, but they give grievances to those Muslims we consider moderates. It gives them a reason to hate America, when American bombs drop in Middle Eastern countries. An estimated 300 Americans have joined ISIS, and the number is growing, foreign fighters seeing Islam under attack unite with the jihadist. Because they want to be apart of something, they want to feel apart of something, some of which is human nature. The desire to feel wanted, respected, camaraderie, and recognized is normal. However, the fundamental ideology taints those who believe in peace. These fighters will desire death - death for Christians and eventually martyrdom. Of course, this mentality is foreign to the loving Bible believing Christian. Notice, I said loving Christians. Because for the most part, we're taught to love even our enemies. At the same time, we see an enemy who will never respect love. Instead, killing us makes more sense to them. For the most part liberals especially have been tolerant of Islam and what has it gotten us? It's gotten us into to wars and journalists' head sliced off. By the way, we don't even kill animals in such a barbaric manner. And, what did the jihadists scream as they beheaded these innocent journalists? Allah Akbar, or God is great! Friend, Allah is not the same God of the Bible. Christ would never have advocated or sanctioned such barbarism.

It's naive to believe these extremist would accept Christ.So, the remedy is to kill them.At this point, I realize I sound hypocritical, but my argument is based on reality and the nature of this evil. So, the naivety is assuming you have a chance of reaching these hardline extremists. We can pray for them from here, but over there where to do one thing, kill them.  We've given Muslims countries billions of dollars, even while we have homeless veterans, but they call us 'the great Satan.' So, If ISIS hates America and will stop at nothing to harm innocent Americans, there's no reasoning with these people. If they want to play terrorist soldiers, killing them is the best option. Not because I am happy to see anyone die, but if they cannot live a peaceful life with their fellow man if they want to terrorist people. We cannot co-exist with this evil. And, I am not one of those hateful Conservatives who "hates" Muslims. I am tolerant of people in general. And, I am simply a person who wants to live in peace and to be at peace with humanity, of course, this will never happen so instead; we must annihilate these Muslim extremists. Muslim extremists bring out the worst in human nature and show there is an evil one, and he is in control.  Because ISIS wants death, we should give it to them. But thank God, the end, he loses.

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