Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Larry Klayman is back spitting his hate filled rhetoric for the simple-Conservatives with gullible minds.

Larry Klayman is back spitting his hate filled rhetoric for the simple-Conservatives with gullible minds. First, Larry claims Obama is making whites 'second-class citizens.' What evidence does he provide? None. Of course, this is pure projection. You see Klayman wishes he could enslave blacks and create a master race of white kangaroos. Klayman uses his false claims to justify his racist, delusional, conspiratorial, psycho-pathological lying nonsense. If he doesn't change his ways, he'll burn in hell when he dies. He has one of the most hateful and despicable hearts I've ever seen. Klayman believes Obama should be taken "alive" to be sent back to his "birth country." Think of the utter depravity of this man. No amount of evidence would be sufficient for people such as Larry. You see when you're hell bent on stupidity nothing else makes sense, unless through the eyeglasses of ignorance. Klayman believes President Obama's birth country consists of one outside America. It's been proven several times and he's provided 'long form' birth certificate for the public, along with newspaper clips of his birth in Hawaii. The truth is Klayman is an un-Christ-like lunatic who wants to enforce his version of Shari law onto the rest of us reasonable Christians.

“I do not advocate violence, and I want Obama to be taken alive to be deported and pay for his inadequacies under the rule of law,” Klayman writes. “But he must be forced from office as soon as possible, before all is lost.”(1). Before he destroys the country, seriously? Seriously? After six years, at not previous time have the rich had so much wealth. At no time has the stock market done better. For the past six years, the deficit has fallen at record rates. Obama's foreign policy regarding ISIL is unlike Bush - Bush would have sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers to Syria, but Obama knows how to use the military adequately. But, the Nationalist mentality is clouded by the "Larry Klayman's" of the world.

Well, that's not okay. Klayman spent the past six-years telling folks Obama is -a Muslim and that he should put down the Quran and come out of the White House with his hands in the air.Keep in mind Obama was elected twice for president, both times winning the popular vote, which rarely happens. Either this clown is disingenuous or worse, he believes his claims. Which, of course, would be far worse, it would be dangerous. If Larry doesn't repent before he dies, he'll go to a hot place. Of course, not one want to see this happen, so he should simply repent. His words imply he''s constantly thinking about how he can degrade Obama. Instead of gaining potential voters, he pushes folks away from his, dangerously hateful ideology.

1). Brian Tashman. (14 October 2014). Klayman: Obama Must Be 'Taken Alive' For Bringing Ebola To America To Afflict White People - See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/klayman-obama-must-be-taken-alive-bringing-ebola-america-afflict-white-people#sthash.73QR47oW.dpuf

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