Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bryan Fischer Makes False Claim. Says 'Rainbow' Flag is the "Mark of the Beast."

Fischer, clearly a false prophet, claims the 'rainbow flag' is the mark of the beast. I knew this man was false years ago, but here's clear proof. He made a false proclamation, and we'd call him a false prophet. If the rainbow flag isn't the 'mark of the beast' anyone who follows him is self-deceived. In Fischer's books, he constantly makes false claims in about abortion. Furthermore, he uses pseudo-science to hide behind his hatred of anyone who's not like him. Is homosexuality wrong? Of course, but don't hide behind debunked claims. At this point, anyone making false prophesy is evil wicked and vile. He hates gays. Fine. He's allowed to hate whomever he wants. But when he gets Christians that don't know any better riled up, believing him, then we have a HUGE problem. I only hope Fischer will realize how silly he makes himself appear; especially, to others who know better. Which, in fact, means, either he's deceived, or he's purposely deceiving others. Furthermore, Fischer pushed the whole "there's a war on Christmas" agenda. He claims you should only shop at store that wish folks a Merry Christmas. You know, marketing the name of Christ for personal gain. He's allowed to believe everyone is out to get him, but fact is, it isn't true. As a matter of fact, many Christians don't celebrate Christmas because they know the origins of the holiday are secular in nature. So, the issue isn't whether folks say Merry Christmas or not rather the marketing of Christ is the problematic issue. There's no war on Christmas, but if he believes there is, maybe he should head to the Middle East and see how long he keeps his "religious freedom." God bless him either way and grant him the sensibility to not make false proclamations of which sound silly.


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