Thursday, October 16, 2014

Calm Down, Ebola is Contracted Through Bodily Fluids! At this Time, It's Not Airborne.

Lately, within regards to Ebola many news outlets feed the average American with misinformation. When I say fear, I mean it's normal to feel apprehension about a deadly illness that can cause mass destruction. But, it's not quite that simple. One can only contract the disease with personal contact through bodily fluids. Ebola isn't airborne and cannot effect you, again, unless you touch someone with the illness and not only touch them but their body fluids. Otherwise, you're not likely to contract this illness. Why so much misinformation? Well first, misinformation is good for views, but their additional agenda is to close the borders. The right doesn't want immigrants crossing the border, at-least not crossing into America. Because we all know, America is strictly for white people, right? Something to keep in mind, the illness can mutate, but there is no evidence of this especially in the United States. However, so long as we educate others about Ebola and ensure we don't come in contact with people who came from an Ebola stricken areas, mainly in African countries, you shouldn't worry. According to researchers migrated fruit bats bear responsibility for the spread of the illness.
 As a matter of fact according to The Guardian news outlet, "The largest-ever outbreak of Ebola was triggered by a toddler's chance contact with a single infected bat, a team of international researchers will reveal, after a major investigation of the origins of the deadly disease now ravaging Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria."(1)

A group of 17 European and African tropical disease researchers, ecologists and anthropologists spent three weeks talking to people and capturing bats and other animals near the village of Meliandoua in remote eastern Guinea, where the present epidemic appeared in December 2013. They have concluded that the disease was spread by colonies of migratory fruit bats. Their research is expected to be published in a major journal in the next few weeks."(1).

1). Ebola: Reasearch Team Says Migrating fruit bats responsible for outbreak. A toddler's chance encounter with one infected bat in Guinea letd to west Africa's present epidemic. The Guardian.http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/aug/23/ebola-outbreak-blamed-on-fruit-bats-africa

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