Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Democrats Vote or Be Ruled By Dictators!

Democrats, unless you want to be ruled by extreme right wingers, vote! If you want Ted Cruz in charge of the U.S. Senate,  you better vote because if you don't all may be lost. Because people like Cruz have a distorted view of Scripture, the U.S. Constitution and the fact that he's an immigrant, but wants to seal the border. Make sure you find out what day, time, and what identification you will need to vote. Check with your friends and family and get together in groups to get proper identification if applicable. The right wing believes they can buy your representatives and lately they've been mostly right, only because the people haven't been vocal on issues that matter in your life. Let's not be naive and believe whatever will be will be - because there's a lot at stake including your personal dignity, right to vote and other social issues that effect your life. Get register to vote and vote! I want to stress, again please get proper identification according to your states' law. Let's help them understand, the power is in the people.

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