Thursday, October 23, 2014

Homosexuals Taking Over 'Traditional Values'?

 So, now Conservatives seek to prevent homosexuals from same-sex-marriage, which I agree with - in the sense that I believe in traditional marriage. However, we live in a Democratic Republic, and the people have a say in this Country. Because, at the end of the day after we've made the positions we embrace clear, we don't live in a theocracy, and I cannot state it enough. Christians are blessed beyond measure in this County because we can practice faith freely. Of course, we'll disagree with certain Secular values, but that doesn't give us the right to in turn push harder for a theocracy.  At the same time, we don't have to compromise the faith we practice either.I
n all seriousness, I despise the Religious Right's fear-mongering, and I resent the effects their heedless speech has on folks. Because what most of them don't understand is there are people who believe everything they say; therefore, their behavior, the way the treat other people, and the way they view the world around them is effected by misinformation. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean I am upset with their open contempt for homosexuality, but their falsehoods about their ability to say the things they say matters. Meaning, don't lie in order to gain donations from gullible, individuals. Unfortunately, Conservative Christian dishonesty causes confusion even within their Churches. People message me asking if Christianity is legal in the U.S. because they watched a pastor who said Christians can go to jail for preaching against homosexuality. Of course, not all the Religious Right believes like these people claiming  an apocalyptic age is converging on the American Christian Church. I hate these lies because many folks with otherwise righteous intentions fall prey to the lies of Christian hustlers. I often hear, "the Democrats or Liberals seek to outlaw Christianity," throw pastors in jail, and wholesale white Conservative Christians to extermination camps forcing them to make Peanut Butter and brown t-shirts for homosexuals.

Because I am Religious, I used to  consider myself a Conservative Christian, but I do not anymore. You see over the years I've noticed the Religious Right take a turn for theocratic power laced with racial, political, socio-economic, and war encompassed direction. Too many falsehoods of the ultra far Religious Right pushes folks towards the center. I, for one, am not a Republican and wouldn't vote for one. Although I am a veteran, I am against unneeded wars. I am pro-veterans benefits, for the poor, pro-women's rights (even if I disagree) and I am for any program that helps families. I believe in health care for all citizens because health care isn't a luxury it's a necessity. I used to listen to Conservative radio, especially growing up, but in all fairness, I didn't have a choice. But I realized what they were saying wasn't necessarily true. Especially, those who make prophesies that don't come to pass. For example, the hate crimes laws were never meant to be against freedom of religion. But pastors etc., said that hate crimes laws would be the end of Christianity and that we'd be thrown in jail for reading the Bible. Of course, that was complete nonsense. What I've noticed is the far - far right doesn't believe the fear they push. If you notice, when they send fundraising e-mails they insist that Obama is he anti-Christ threatening to drone America with Kenyan made missiles flown by a homosexual pilot to punish America for slavery and because he hates white people. They never do relate the fact that his mother, and grandparents who raised him were white. An issue that is becoming a problem is the homosexual movement high jacking the 'Civil Rights' movement. The false equivocation homosexuals push  creates the idea that if you don't let them have certain rights you are, in fact, treating them, homosexuals, reminiscent of the treatment blacks faced during the Jim Crow era. So, when people think of discrimination against homosexuals they're forced parallel the treatment to bigotry. So, their behavior and deception is the push for this evilness.

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