Tuesday, October 21, 2014

House Slave Alan Keyes Says Impeach Obama Because of 'Ebola.'

First, I am a Christian, but I am sick and fatigued of these house negros bashing blacks as though they're not black themselves. Case and point house negro, Alan Keyes, the gladiator of house slaves. And if Alan is a Christian this has nothing to do with his Christian faith. I'm black, so don't be offended this is just my opinion. I make this distinction because I'm going to refer to Mr. Keyes like the house negro he is - if you're offended, I suggest you read no further. Because none the less, I will express the truth  behind this brown nosing negro. House negro, Alan Keyes, continues to placate with the same people who hate him and his people. African Americans sticking up for the Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves, but that's just it people such as Alan Keyes hate themselves so much they're willing to sacrifice their humanity for a pat on the head by the slave-master. When you act equal, as God created us, equal, people like Alan marvel at how a black man can lead a respectable Christian or American life for that matter. But there's no shame in-house negros; they have no shame. You see house negros appear as a guest on white  shows to bash blacks. It's the classic Conservative move, you bring on house negros to bash blacks heads in, you bring women to bash women, and you bring in hillbillies white folks to run their mouth like a contaminated pool. As you'll see below, Keyes says Obama's spending is out of control and that abortion rate is up, although he offers no proof, but there is proof to the contrary and I will include references at the conclusion of this article. Yes, build a fence because that's what the Native Americans did, right? Again, unlike Keyes, I will provide references at the end of this article.

"From what I'm reading these days, Obama's response to the threatened spread of the Ebola epidemic is finally compelling other people to question the assumption of patriotic goodwill Americans are naturally inclined to make about the individual who occupies the White House. As WND editor and CEO Joseph Farah wrote in a recent column about Obama's Ebola strategy:

With at least 4000 military personnel...being sent into the hot zone, it's a near certainty some of them will contract the deadly disease. What then? Naturally, they will be brought home, with some risk of furthering the infection in the homeland.... Is this a purposeful effort to destroy the U.S. military? Whether it is or not, that is the effect it will surely have. This is, of course, not the first time during Obama's White House tenure that Americans have been forced to ask themselves whether incompetence or malice is to blame for the undeniably destructive effect of Obama's policies on the lives, strength, and security of the people and institutions he is supposed to serve.

Though Obama and his collaborators (including many in the GOP's elitist faction leadership) couch it in terms of dreamy jobs and economic opportunity, their push to legitimize illegal immigration into the United State has already damaged the nation's health. It is now being openly admitted that it gives terrorist cadres (including agents of the Islamic State's anti-American terror campaign) opportunities to enter and disperse throughout the country.
The way to stop Obama in his tracks is to use impeachment to call him before the bar of constitutional accountability, and then to conduct the process that will put every representative and senator on the spot, with the choice to remove Obama and his collaborators, or declare themselves complicit in the destructive policies the Obama faction has pursued and the precedents for tyranny they are seeking to establish.

Of course, this proper constitutional proceeding would set the record straight, thwarting those who mean to use Obama's tenure as the excuse and justification for the tyranny they are determined to impose upon us. Such proceeding would serve our posterity, even if it failed to remove a lame duck president. For it would help to assure that his malicious precedents did not permanently cripple America's liberty.

But from abortion to crushing debt, from dissolute spending to the sinister promotion of specious "rights" that dissolve the natural integrity of family life, the present generation of self-serving elitist faction political leaders has declared war on our posterity. And so have all Americans who tolerate their continual betrayals of the genius of the American people, betrayals that must inevitably despoil our posterity of the blessings of liberty. Together they are creating a record for this generation that will make it a loathsome byword in the minds of our posterity, at least for any still capable of remembering what it means to be free."(1).

So, minorities, how do we stop house slaves from controlling rest of us? Simple. Democrats and reasonable people for that matter, unless you want to be ruled by extreme right wingers, vote! If you want Ted Cruz in charge of the U.S. Senate,  you better vote because if you don't all may be lost. Because people like Cruz have a distorted view of Scripture, the U.S. Constitution and the fact that he's an immigrant, but wants to seal the border. Make sure you find out what day, time, and what identification you will need to vote. Check with your friends and family and get together in groups to get proper identification if applicable. The right wing believes they can buy your representatives and lately they've been mostly right, only because the people haven't been vocal on issues that matter in your life. Let's not be naive and believe whatever will be will be - because there's a lot at stake including your personal dignity, right to vote and other social issues that effect your life. Get register to vote and vote! I want to stress, again please get proper identification according to your states' law. Let's help them understand, the power is in the people.

First, what is a house negro? During early American slavery, two categories of blacks best describe the situation, one is the field negro. The field negro worked in the field and usually stayed outside the masters home. He ate separate from his master and didn't have the same food. The field negro had the cold-scrapes of what the master/slavemaster didn't eat. Then there was the house negro. The house negro worked closely with the master; he dressed the same and often ate the same foods. The house negro slept in the basement or attic, either way he had it better than the field negros. And the house negro usually had lighter completion and kept the field slaves in-line because he cared for his master almost more than he cared for himself. The house negro cared for the master, his children, and possessions. If the master's house caught fire, the house negro would put out the fire.  Although still black, the slave master gave captive whipping authority to the house negro. Meaning, the house negro could beat the field negro's for any infraction he saw fit. White give Alan Keyes the okay to bash African Americans whilst patting him on the head like a good house slave.

While there's nothing wrong with African Americans embracing Conservatism, there is a problem with bashing blacks because you think it helps your appearance with white people. As a matter of fact, I would be considered left of center, but I in no wise embrace the blatant racist, anti-science, anti-education beliefs of Conservatives; especially those of house negros. Furthermore, please remember Conservative, and Christianity aren't mutually exclusive and if you think they are you're misinformed.

1)/Brian Tashman. (21 October 2014). Alan Keyes: Obama Has 'Declared War On Our Posterity.' Right Wing Watch. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/alan-keyes-obama-has-declared-war-our-posterity#sthash.1sDUubW0.dpuf

2). Sandhya Somashekhar. (2 Feburary 2014).Study: Abortion rate at lowest point since 1973.The Washington Post. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/study-abortion-rate-at-lowest-point-since-1973/2014/02/02/8dea007c-8a9b-11e3-833c-33098f9e5267_story.html

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