Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Klayman Fails, Again.

Larry Klayman gets his guts ripped out and shoved down his pathetic throat. Conspiracy terrorist and professional racist Klayman associates with the likes of Bryan Fischer and the rest of these nonsensical pseudo-information collectivism nuts. Klayman goes onto Conservative show the NewsmaxTV's Midpoint, when challenged by host Ed Berliner on his conspiracy theories about President Obama's origin of birth. First Klayman draws a false dichotomy between Benghazi, fake Fast and Furious, and the IRS non-scandal to draw in the notion therefore Obama must be born overseas. Of course, this i
s called an argument from ignorance. That's all Klayman can argue is his false claims to draw a faulty conclusion. This program is - a Conservative show, not a liberal one, so there's no reason to suggest that Klayman was knocked out because he spoke on a pro-Obama show. Ed Berliner points out that FactCheck.org has checked out this alleged information and concluded the documents to be authentic. Klayman, frustrated, claimed he knew Ed wanted the audience to hear the other side of the argument. Meaning, Ed played devils advocate for some ungodly reason. If you cannot beat them with faulty facts, make stuff up.

"Klayman, a former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Freedom Watch, filed a deportation petition against Obama last week, claiming the president falsified his birth certificate and other documents.

Klayman told Berliner that Obama’s birth certificate listed his race as “African-American,” but that the term wasn’t in use when Obama was born in 1961. Klayman added that Obama had also allegedly used fake Social Security numbers and was “in fact, an illegal alien.”(1).

But Berliner noted that Klayman’s allegations had already been debunked by independent fact checking groups, like FactCheck.org.

Klayman dismissed the website as “some lefty group.”"

Of course, anyone who disagrees with Larry is a 'lefty.'


1). Eric Dolan. (7 October 2014). WATCH: Tea Party gadfly can’t back up his Obama conspiracies, even on a conservative network. The Raw Story. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/watch-tea-party-gadfly-cant-back-up-his-obama-conspiracies-even-on-a-conservative-network/#.VDQ-5nATC8s.twitter

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