Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Larry Klayman: Obama Is Like The KKK.

Seething racist Larry Klayman, who is borderline soulless and spiritually destitute, claims blacks possess the privileged upper hand in America. Klayman's America, also known as home of the white racist, land grabbing, above the law and white figurine worshiping Jesus Christ. Don't for one second get me wrong, I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, but I also know the truth about him. And knowing the truth about Christ gives you the power and the ability to knockout, figuratively speaking, fake posers such as Larry. It would be hilarious if not for the fact, Conservatives take people like Klayman, Bryan Fischer and white nationalist Conservative "family" organizations serious.  Of course, the  average Conservative  housewife, mother or father listening to Larry Klayman in their  kitchen or office produces a problematic atmosphere for those who's minds easily conform to subtle manipulation. Good ole' Larry claims Obama acts like the KKK, and that he only cares about "his" people. Implying Obama is a separatist and racist. Of course, this isn't true but a number of people hear this nonsense and believe it. What I hate with a passion is, this Klayman character brainwashes otherwise reasonable people. Obama, in case you didn't know but here's a reminder, is half white. So, there's no "his or those people." There's just his people both white and black. But in case you didn't  know Obama supports immigrant rights. Doing more for immigrant rights than virtually every previous president. Also, Obama provided Israel with more money than any previous U.S. President, funding the 'Iron Dome' program to keep Israelis safe from terrorist Hamas' rockets, which Palestinians fire into Israel. I mention the Israeli part because the right extremist lie and claim Obama is  anti-Semitic. Larry, a former federal prosecutor, sure is dumb. Here's the bottom line most of these guys claiming Obama is a racist convey pure projection. In fact, they're racist and Obama's the perfect racist projection puppet for the racist to bash like a pinata. Larry makes false comparisons based on his faulty conspiratorial premise. If there's no sound premise, there can be no sound conclusion concluded. If Larry know this, he's lying to you idiots, and you're buying everything he's selling. When in fact, if you agree with Larry or Byran Fischer or any of these similarly corrupted ideologies, you're just like them. And believe me that's no compliment, so be ashamed of yourself if you fall into the category of a promoting a false sense of white evangelical victimization.

Klayman thinks Obama wants Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson's head on a stick. Obama said no such thing.

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article for full context. The picture is a remember, Conservatives are crazy!
1). Anonymous. (8 October 2014).Larry Klayman: Obama Is Just Like The KKK Because He Wants Darren Wilson's 'Head On A Stick' Crooks and Liars. http://crooksandliars.com/2014/10/larry-klayman-obama-just-kkk-because-he?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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