Friday, October 3, 2014

Nugent Fills His Pants With More Crap over Ferguson.

Remember the people who pointed guns at federal agents, threatened to kill them, and committed crimes against law enforcement? No, I am not referring to the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, but the thugs at the Bundy ranch. Compare and contrast: a thug on a ranch who deliberately blew off the federal government for nearly 20 years, threatened to murder law enforcement for enforcing the law with other thugs. Now look at Ferguson, Missouri where at-least six-people claim a cop murdered Mike Brown, an unarmed teen, who had his hands up, which is the ultimate sign of surrender. His crime? Walking in the middle of the street. Of the two, you tell me, who does the title 'thug' truly belong to?

Case and point, Ted Nugent, shit talker, the guy who admittedly shits his pants to avoid Vietnam but runs his mouth and carries guns because he has a small one. Furthermore, he needs to check his underpants because he's still full of shit. A child predator and racist and will be to his bitter end. Ted Nugent claimed he'd be in jail or dead if Obama won a second term. So he's a liar, racist, shitter, and did I mention, a liar?

[view the video below]

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