Monday, October 6, 2014

Supreme Court Says: Don't Ask Us About Gay Marriage, So Conservatives Head's Explode.

Conservatives loved the "Hobby Lobby" healthcare discrimination ruling and praised the Supreme Court as the ultimate authority when challenged by liberals. But, for some reason, now Conservatives cry foul over gay marriage, but here's something to consider, if you don't believe in homosexual marriage, don't marry a homosexual. Is there anything troubling about this statement? The laws of man don't dictate Christian life. But with the need to feel victimized, Conservatives claim the Supreme Court, the same court they already praised, is overstepping its boundaries. So, let's get to the point because the Bible says man shall not lie with a man,  although no scripture rest on individual interpretation, some Christian scholars reassessing the meaning and context of the Scriptures, find new meaning or implications of which suggest the bride is Christ, and the church provides believers. But this insinuation  of the conclusion is
a 'spiritual' one. The marriage makeup is a man and a woman. And that's based on the historical revelation of the authentic Biblical text. Meaning, searching the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic languages attributed to the original context of the literary content of the Holy Scriptures begs more questions than previously suggested conclusions. People on both side of the issue strongly argue their view of the Scriptures, and some positions regarding alleged contradictions don't mean gay marriage is accurate or Biblically  correct.

I don't agree with homosexual marriage, and I believe it is not healthy for the Christian home in particular. However, I wouldn't treat anyone different because they disagree with me. Again yes, I am against homosexuality, but I wouldn't treat a person different because of their sexuality. I can separate the two because we must live in this world with people of all ethnic backgrounds  including homosexuals. Furthermore, some folks outspoken against gay marriage yet supportive or racism, against immigrants, the poor, destitute mothers and families aren't any different than those homosexuals they hate.

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