Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bill Whittle's TOP 5 Conservative Principles #FAIL

Okay, this is absolute nonsense. He's a loony tune. Martian Luther King was NOT a Conservative. LIAR! This man has to be a hack; he cannot possibly be serious. He's analogy of equality is horribly flawed at best. Income inequality has to do with the working class. It's not that a person wants what you have they just want their fair share. Wage theft is the biggest crime committed daily by business owners. With productivity comes increased sales and revenue, which in turn, at some point, should lead to increased wages. There isn't socialism it's actually the law.Republicans and Conservatives rip-off the poor so much so they have the Koch Brothers lie to you cowards as though Republicans and Conservatives gives a damn about you Reptards. If these are you "principles" you're an immoral-greedy thug. I, on the other hand, cannot be a Conservative because I am a Christian and Conservatives do NOT represent Jesus Christ. The Left looks out for the poor, and the needy believes in helping the less fortunate. Whereas Conservatives are about INDIVIDUALITY. GOD HATES PRIDE BILL. At-least you admit you're off your father the devil. You individual-greedy punk. Because I served my country and love God, Conservatism is for the birds. I grew up around dirt-bags like you and I know what you're going to say before you say it. Because your "individuality" is a rip-off charlatanism, you focus on projecting wealth income inequality as meaning people want what you have when, in fact, you've completely missed the point altogether. Listening to this fake Conservative talk is like being forced to hear the scratching of a dead-cats-nails against a rusty chalkboard. He makes nonsensical claims backed up by completely projecting his views as being the views of those he claims to call Liberals. This video is an example of why I am not a Conservative. The only people that I personal interacted with who are racist are Conservative. Even professing white Christians are racist, it's sad. If righteous hate were a virtue, I'd hate conservatism and everything it stands for - because it sure isn't Christ. For the sake of clarity, I am not a liberal, but I am certainly not a conservative. Conservatives see things through either or lenses, but life isn't always that simple. If a person is Pro-Choice, conservatives cannot distinguish between believing we are free moral agents and believing we have the right to choose what other people should choose. We don't have the god-give right to tell other people how to live. We can show them the love of Christ and live as-did Christ, but conservatives do not, for the life of them, understand this simple realization. While they have their freedom of speech so too - do we. There's a seething hatred within the Republicans ice-cold hearts.Republican-conservatives are on a perpetual virtueless path to destruct out of their disgust for -a guy who just so happened to be black and disagree with their world-view. Because Obama believes health care is a necessity and not a luxury, he's a socialist.Because he believes children shouldn't go hungry, they call him a Marxist. They bear false-witness on the guy and call him a baby killer, when the abortion rate is at a 40-year low. They claim Obama is a Muslim but fail to explain that he attended a Catholic school in Indonesia NOT an Islamic one.

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