Monday, November 3, 2014

Christian Revisionist 'Duck Dynasty' Claims Christians Will Be Jailed.

FRC is a disgusting organization promoting anything - but family values and scientific research. They're a lobbyist group to smuggle cash into the Republican Party, push anti-immigration, racism and anti-homosexual propaganda.  They've been denounced by every notable scientific organization. They're classified as a hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Oh, and I am a Christian so don't pull that nonsense on me because this 
If he's speaking at a Church but is making political assertions, the Church should lose its tax exempt status.
So, 'Duck Dynasty' is a Christian Revisionist, now I understand why he's so dunce within regards to this is a 'Christian Nation' talk. He evidently picks and chooses which founder he wants to believe which is fine but don't then say this is a Christian Nation because many of the founders weren't Christians at all. Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin were deist. Jefferson's Bible removed every verse pertaining to Christ's divinity. George Washington, some say, was a Christian even though there's evidence to the contrary. Among many other founders who were also deist or atheists. But what Phil is doing is pushing this notion that, again, this country was founded on Christian principles. Although it isn't true, people push that narrative in their personal life and the way they vote. Finally, Phil and his co-conspirators claim you're not a Christian if you don't agree with their interpretation of the Bible. Some of us know the Bible as well as Phil, yet disagree with him on many issues. 
Unlike the so-called Christian Revisionist, I refuse to push one blasphemous sin above-another sin.

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