Friday, November 14, 2014

Dem.'s Stop Pushing Your Base Away

Democrats need their spine returned. A week after the mid-term elections, we're starting to realize the reason voters weren't impressed with the Democratic candidates. When Democrats attempt to run as moderate-Republicans, they lose. No one likes a fake candidate, and the American people realize there's a fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats. So when Democrats ran away from the president, when they run away from issues that affect the ordinary American, they lose. Democrats needed to embrace Obamacare and push the true narrative, which is Obamacare is helping millions of Americans. Democrats didn't run on the ideals of the party. Instead, Democrats spent their entire campaign pushing Democrats away from themselves. So in that sense, I am glad they lost because we don't need fake Republicans in the Democratic Party rather we need people with backbones. This year, voters elected to raise the minimum wage won overwhelmingly, and medical pot won overwhelming won again. The issues Democrats stand for passed, but the progressive candidates did not win. The irony is the Republicans who won aren't for raising the minimum wage, and they're not for tax increases on the 1%, and they're anti-choice, anti-homosexual, and anti-medical pot. So, the things people did support may never get go anywhere to make the changes the voters wanted.

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