Monday, November 17, 2014

No -- XL Keystone Pipeline.

The XL Keystone Pipeline is back in the news, with people from both sides of the political spectrum advocating in favor of the project, the project passed the House of Representatives late last week. The Senate is due to vote on the issue sometime this week. But what is the XL Keystone Pipeline and why should it concern you?
The pipeline would run from Canada through the United States delivering the worst form of tar sand/oil in the world. Although the project provides jobs to build the pipeline, the employment isn't permanent. In fact, the number of permanent jobs from the tar sand project is thought to be 40 jobs. Not to mention the fact, this oil isn't sold to America rather to everyone else. However, some U.S. billionaires stand to make a killing off sending dirty oil to other countries, namely, the Koch brothers. So when you hear the XL Pipeline is about the source of 'self-reliant' fuel, it's not true. What is true is some of the oil right wing Conservatives were paid off by people standing to make money off this dangerous project. The Pipeline could, in fact, pollute the water supply and cause adverse changes in climate. As a matter of fact, the recoverable tar sand will increase the earth's temperature two degrees Celsius. Because of this, the GDP could reduce by 2.5%.  So not only will we see changes to the climate but to local and national economies. Because there's adverse weather effects to fossil fuel, we must understand that hurricane Sandy, for example, cost an estimated $80 billion dollars. What we do to the earth has a huge impact on the way the earth, or the environment for that matter, reacts.

Not many will admit the KXL Pipeline wouldn't generate fuel for the United States, especially not clean fuel, but it would further, supposed, free trade with other countries.  Of course in the process, the project would place millions of Americans drinking water, land and other resources at risk of a number of inconvenient and possibly irreversible variables. Many people refuse to see the effects humans have on the atmosphere. And while human causation isn't  t
he sole contributor to Global Warming, there's things we can do to reduce human contribution to the climate changing.  By the way, this project will cost at-least $7 billion dollars, with $3 billion going to the project and the other $ billion to outsourced steel. The Keystone Pipeline, indeed, will make many folks wealthy but in the process may cause more harm to the American people than the project is worth.

"That’s an alarmist prediction, and Canada will exploit their tar sands with or without the Keystone XL Pipeline, there is no question that its construction will not help with controlling emissions, boosting energy independence, or creating jobs. The only people it will benefit are TransCanada, the Canadian oil companies (many part-owned by Chinese and Mideast interests) working in the tar sands, the multinational oil companies who will refine what it brings to the Gulf Coast, and a few thousand workers. Temporarily.

So why, you might ask, are many of our leaders so eager to build it? The answer is straightforward: money and political gain. The Democrats, feeling vulnerable after a midterm rout, are eager to move to the pro-business center and push through a “jobs plan.” A Nov. 12 Pew Research poll shows 59 percent of Americans favor building the pipeline, which provides some political cover from the backlash Democrats will likely get from environmentalists and other sections of the party’s base.

It also conveniently caters to the interests of Big Energy, some of the biggest campaign donors to both parties. Republicans, in the House especially, have been pushing Keystone for some time and raking in donations in the process. Now, Blue Dog Democrats like Mary Landrieu are happy to hop on board. After all, some of the world’s biggest energy firms, like Exxon Mobil, have been paying her campaign bills for some time.(1)."

1).Jack Holmes. (17 November 2014). The Pipeline From Hell: There’s No Good Reason to Build Keystone XL. The Daily Beast. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/11/15/the-pipeline-from-hell-there-s-no-good-reason-to-build-keystone-xl.html

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