Monday, December 29, 2014

3 Quick Reasons Why I'd Be Considered a 'Leftist'

1). First, freedom of religion is important to me. The freedom to worship God how I see fit, without false prophets being shoved down my throat. Prayer is 100% important, but I agree with Jesus when he said not to make a spectacle of prayer for show. Because conservatives want prayer in schools for their ego, not for selflessness, conservative constantly claim liberals took God out of school, and that's the reason for school shootings and all of this craziness we see in public school. Of course, they miss the fact, these students pray at home and some at lunch. So that logic is a slap in God's face. It wouldn't be freedom of religion if we allowed state sanctioned prayer.  In a theocracy, prayers are imposed. But the prayers are most certainly not from their heart. Therefore, they're disingenuous at best. When I pray, it's not for show, and it's certainly not to feel as though I've done something for God. Conservatives and Republicans don't believe you can pray within your heart daily. Well, news flash, you can pray throughout the day in your mind and soul. Also, there's nothing prohibiting prayer in school. As a matter of fact, some student prays before they eat in the lunch room, and that's 100% fine. Because the kids that I noticed praying before their lunch appear to be honestly praying from their heart, and not for show. However, it cannot be school sanction. In other words, if there's state sanctioned prayer to which God do we pray to? The true God of the Bible or the Muslim god? Or, we could pray to mythical gods etc., Although the obvious answer in my opinion would be a true and living God, it wouldn't be for the school to decide. However, it's not freedom of religion if it's in any way forced on people. Because I love God, I cannot be a conservative. If I were a conservative, I would have to be a hypocrite, and I would rather avoid such nonsense.

2). Obamacare. That's right, that 'O' word Obamacare, I support. Conservatives do not support it. As a matter of fact, some Christians speculated Obamacare could be the 'mark of the beast.' Really? You see conservatives have this desire to see the end of the world rather than to be 'saved and to saved' and to live life to the fullest extend, they quarrel over nonsense, such as Obamacare is the end of civilisation as we know it. Well, it turns out now, Republicans and conservatives like their new insurance policies through Obamacare and the national uninsured rate dropped from 18% to around 13%; it actually created jobs instead of, like conservatives claimed, would kill jobs. The health care law is helping the economy and contrary to conservative propaganda isn't bringing about the apocalypse, at least not yet. Although I highly doubt people having access to health care is an ungodly endeavour, as 'Christ commands us to heal the sick,' we should so health the sick.

3). Most conservatives conflate reality and with their skewed version of reality. From crazy conspiracy theories to the push for utter hatred and bigotry. Some conservatives cling to this religious, national patriotism ideology. In other words, they hold the Constitution equal to the Bible, as one conservative stated, "the Constitution was written by God.' Yes, the so shall be nameless individual, on a conservative radio show, indeed made that claim. Now, that is DANGEROUS. They use this rhetoric to scare folks into believing Obamacare is horrible, but it's saving lives and brings millions of families, including the people against it, a sense of medical stability and solace that if they get sick they won't go broke. Many conservatives swear up and down Obamacare includes abortion insurance. They push the idea that through your premium you are contributing to funds for abortions. Although it's not true, take a look at right wing conservative sites, they twist the truth and make it appear as though the law states something it truthfully and objectively doesn't say. As a matter of fact, there are many laws prohibiting the funding of abortions. Conservative governors who refuse to allow the expansion of Medicaid through Obamacare funding, experience a large number of insurance folks otherwise eligible for Obamacare. That is to say governors will allow their people to die because they hate the black man in the White House. But you people voted for these 'white collar criminals.' I am patriotic to a certain extent and I served my country as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, but that doesn't mean that I cannot question the reason Bush took America into an illegal war. But if you question anything regarding the military, according to conservatives, you are not patriotic. Really? Well, hundreds-of-thousands died because George Bush and the Republican Party to include conservatives, lied.

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