Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another Black Teen, Antonio Martin, Shot Dead By A White Cop.

Berkeley, Missouri. Another black teenager shot to death by a white police officer in the early morning hours of Wednesday, December 24th. This time, not too far away from Ferguson, Missouri where authorities claim an officer on a routine business patrol encountered two individuals believed to have shoplifted. According to police, the alleged thief Antonio Martin, and videotape confirms the man raised his arm, but what's not clear is what he was holding. Although the police ensure us he held a nine millimeter semi-automatic pistol, it is not completely clear. Some believe he simply was showing the officer his identification located in his wallet. Although I hope the police would not be dishonest, it is clear many hold a skeptical view of police and their version of what happened. The mother of the victim claimed it 'just doesn't make sense.' Meaning, why would he be stupid enough to point a loaded weapon at a police officers. There's no indication the victim suffered from mental illness or held negative views of law enforcement. Routinely after a police-involved shooting, the officer is on administrative leave or desk duty until the investigation is complete.

Nowadays, conser ,, vatives believe liberals and other independents use the word "racist" if a person disagrees politically, fiscally, within context of the criminal justice system, economic opportunity, religion, immigration, and just about everything in between. Do you know why conservative convince themselves blacks and liberals use racism to mean a number of things? Because racism is a system it's a structure in which certain groups, specifically in relation to their ethnicity, experience treatment that indicates the power structure is not only against a certain group but disregards their voice, their concerns for their communities, bootstraps conservatives say. Okay, well it must be nice for those with bootstraps to pull themselves up by and there's not envy of the wealthy who earned their money.

Most people wish they could figure out how to financially provide for families, and opportunities that lead to prosperity. However, if the power structure and the laws are such that it deliberately pushes blacks, especially those susceptible to violence, in the prison industrial complex or the new slave plantations, the cycle continue as does disparity.

Far too often African Americans experience life through the lens of guilt by association or walking while black. The education system suspends, in large numbers, blacks at a higher rate than that of their white counterparts. Some African American, especially males, simply give up and believe their life is dominated by a set of circumstances unchangeable.

Far too often blacks experience prison sentences for drug related crimes of which whites use at the same rate, yet again, blacks receive punishment while whites do not face the same level of punishment.
So, the police are necessarily a problem, but the system is a disgrace within the context of reforming minorities and setting proportional charges and sentences. Because blacks jailed have records making it extremely hard to find advanced employment or even enter into college. A fundamental American right is pulled from felons, the right to vote.

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