Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anti-Gay Pastor 'Gaylord' Grabs Man's Testicles!

If the name Gaylord doesn't set off pervert alert bells, I am not sure what it will take. A man, unfortunately, named Gaylord, a pastor, an anti-gay pastor at that, gets caught doing that which against he preaches. It's common in so far as, in relationships when on partner constantly accuse the other of cheating, they're suppressing personal guilt. People who cheat scream at their partner because, in actuality, the accuser is guilty of the offense. Gaylord Willians, on December 12, 2014, decided he would approach a man and through his window, according to the victim, grabbed his testicles begging to perform oral sex on the man. The victim's response: "The man told the pastor he was “barking up the wrong tree” and acted like he was reaching for a gun." Gaylord fled the scene, but the man wrote down the pastor's license plate number, of course, he phoned the police. According to police, Gaylord had in his possession explicit homosexual material in his car. At the time of his arrest, cops charged Gaylord with battery. Appropriately, he taught his church against homosexual marriage and fleshly lust. However, personal issues manipulate his lust.

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