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Be As Opponent Of Political Correctness Responsible Or Risk Lose Your Career

  I suppose the cliche, "you learn something new every day" is correct. ABC today canceled Rosanne Barr's hit reboot television show 'Rosanne' after she made a racially charged tweet. Mrs. Barr said former-President Obama official Valarie Jarret looked like an ape. Recently as a country, we've dealt with a mass-increase in racially-charged rhetoric encouraged at the top levels of the government to include the President of The United States.

 Take Martin Luther King, for example, while he was fighting against segregation, inequality, and police brutality, the Caucasian religious right spent their time pushing for segregation. They went so far as twisting Scripture out of context to justify their hatred for mankind. Their hatred for anyone, not like them, became apparent, especially, during the Jim Crow era. After Jim Crow, the housing market systematically segregated blacks from white areas causing what we today refer to as ghettos or the projects. Once blacks came home from fighting in Vietnam, they weren't allowed the benefits of white veterans. Therefore, they didn't have the G.I. Bill or the housing loan program offered to white soldiers. Of course, this caused a tremendous amount of inequality amongst African American's and whites. Furthermore, the systematic racism in the criminal justice system contributed to the socioeconomic, education, and family instability for people of color.

Rosanne, like many Trump supporters, feel emboldened by his crass style of addressing human beings and they love "triggering" liberals. While there's nothing wrong with freedom of expression, there can be consequences. Meaning, your employer might want to distance themselves from racist comments, which is their right. And, employers removing a show because of a star's comments is a company decision. Freedom of speech means the government cannot intrude on speech. However, the First Amendment does not bar employers from firing an employee; especially when the comments violate their family-friendly audience.

Rosanne has slammed illegal immigrants in the past.
But what they fail to understand is:

1). Jesus wasn't white.
2). Jesus didn't speak English.
3). Jesus was what today folks call an 'illegal immigrant.'
4). Jesus doesn't answer to you.

Furthermore, some far religious right churches to this day claim interracial marriage is against God's word, even though it isn't. Be that as it may, for some people, it's better, it's more comfortable to believe a lie. Now, I understand people have their reservation about various social issues, but we cannot, at least I refuse to, live a hate-filled life in relation to God's people.

But even more-so than Trump, we have a conservative government full of right-wing bigots.
Conservatives view the government as a source of pure evil. They even run for the office just to shut down the entire government for a "righteous" cause or so they think.

Martin Luther King did not vote Republican, nor was he a conservative by today's standard. Currently, conservatives would refer to Dr. King as a 'race agitator' or 'grievance pusher' and a Democratic Socialist, unfortunately, blacks pushing for change in the judicial and law enforcement community face vicious attacks of a similar nature by those claiming to know Christ as their savior. But these same so-called black activists also, in fact, preach the gospel. So, let me get this straight, it's wrong to push for change, peace, if you're black or a minority, but folks can go to the 'Bundy Ranch' and point assault rifles at federal agents, and they're as Laura Ingram said "freedom riders." Now for the sake of a visual picture, would 100 blacks point guns at federal officers repossessing a car? Do you really think the cops would simply leave, whereby essentially admitting defeat? No, of course, not.

 "Religious leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. led the desegregation movement, but it’s also important to note that the pro-segregation movement was also conceived as a Christian one. Arguments against “race mixing” were largely framed in religious terms. The judge who initially ruled against the interracial couple in Loving v. Virginia argued that the “Almighty God” put people on separate continents and “did not intend for the races to mix.” Christian right leader Jerry Falwell got his start fighting to uphold segregation, giving sermons about how integration was offensive to God. As Max Blumenthal noted in the Nation, the modern religious right as we know it started off as a movement to defend segregation."

I long believed Jerry Fawell held racist views. In fact, part of his facade consists of pushing white separatist ideology packaged in theology. Can a person be racist and a professing Christian? I believe folks can be wrong on various issues and still be Christian. However, the blatant hatred for other races is far from God, in fact, the enemy promotes division and hatred. If a person has hatred in their heart, or in their soul, God might not be the first thing on their mind. It depends on whether they truly received the gospel of Christ in their soul. Jesus doesn't instruct us to hate others, so to suggest otherwise isn't Christ-like, so we should stay away from Religious Right's bigotry. Let me explain, there's a difference between hating someone out of spite and rejecting the ideology regarding certain lifestyles. Why do I include lifestyle, you ask? Well, most of the time, conservatives equate hatred, bigotry, and godly conviction of the spirit interchangeably, when that's not the context of purity. In other words, people take actions they normally would never undertake, but they feel strongly about a conviction that isn't a godly one.

Growing up in a conservative Christian environment and loving God, as I do to this day, it troubled me to see the level of racism in professing Christians. I remember in church hearing about everything we must do for God, but no one ever said why. I don't recall hearing about Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross until I was 13, at least not the concept of salvation. At 13, I did hear and believed the gospel. It wasn't even at church when God saved me. Rather, my brother and some friends went to a youth rally whilst we were there I heard the gospel. But it wasn't until I came back home when I believed it. A feeling like no other feeling came over me, and I still remember it to this day. So I say this to put my salvation and subsequent relationship with Christ in the context of there wasn't music playing or anything manipulating my salvation experience, but it was when I was walking home alone, in the dark. I remember getting in trouble that night because I dropped a carton of milk.

-For full context read the article below.

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