Monday, December 1, 2014

Michigan Cop Stops Man for Walking While Black.

In Pontiac, Michigan on Thanksgiving day a police officer briefly detained a man for walking while black with his hands in his pockets. Brandon McKean, the man, stopped, video recorded his interaction with the police officer. Furthermore, the officer pulled out his I-Phone to record the interaction as well. The man questioned the officer's reason for his brief detention,  the cop's response, the man looked suspicious walking with his hands in his pockets while snow is falling. But wait, that's a crime? Of course not, however, the officer claimed a number of robberies went down recently. Did residence call because they assumed Mr. McKean might be a robber?  That's certainly one possibility, then again, whites open-carry assault rifles with little harassment from the police. Additionally, the cop asked if Mr. McKean was upset over the officer questioning him. Which he did feel slightly uncomfortable with the situation; referencing the ongoing turmoil between police and minorities across the country.

Matthew Champion. (1 December 2014).Police stop black man for 'walking with his hands in his pockets.' The Independent

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