Tuesday, December 2, 2014

'Religious Right' Produce A 'Home Grown' Terrorist!

Last Friday, Larry McQuilliams, 49, a 'homegrown terrorist,' attempted to burn down the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas. Police shot him dead by one bullet to his chest, according to authorities. Police ended his terrorist rampage after Larry fired 200 rounds at downtown buildings. Upon searching McQualliams home, police discovered 34 'potential' targets on a map. He planned on burning down both churches and government buildings. Most would expect this individual to be a Muslim extremist commencing 'Jihad' in America. At the same time, in the United States, right-wing extremism, and homegrown terrorism is on the rise. McQuilliam's views consisted of racism, right-wing extremism, twisted version of Christianity, and strong anti-Semitic views. It goes to show, the end of racial bigotry is death, and the repercussions correlate with the hatred possessed by the wicked. I planned on keeping this to myself. However, the question is begs an answer:  The question of why we cannot, or refuse to talk about right wing conservative terrorism? I haven't noticed conservative media reporting on this shooting as if it were a terrorism case. Which this shooting is the definition of terrorism. At least the same standard used to classify Muslim extremist.

Is the lack of conversation about right wing terrorism a disservice to the role we as Christians play in a world plagued with violence? First, in my opinion, Christ wouldn't condone this behavior. Furthermore, the lack of coverage on this 'act of terrorism' ignores the fact that there are many McQualliams out there. Meaning, there are right wing nuts who are waiting for the right time, in their mind, to strike targets in the United States. And most of these people are plagued by mass media distortion and a skewed view on the historicity of Jesus Christ. For example,  many right wingers claim, Jesus teaches capitalism when in fact, Christ would be considered a liberal.Of course, conservatives goal is to present the gospel in a way in which protects their wealth, so the foundation for this claims presents itself by conservatives. You see modern conservatism focus on self, it is a self-fish World-View one of which rejects the idea of health care for all citizens and feeding the hungry, the facts back this claim. Conservative politicians vote against health care for the poor, and they vote to cut programs that would feed the poor, the elderly and disabled.  Which of course,  isn't a godly thing to do, but we've convinced ourselves that "capitalism" or "free trade" should be the law of the world. However, the people who love the "free market" are the ones rigging the market so that nothings marketable unless you're a millionaire. The system happens to remain rigged in favor of the Koch brothers and their sick ilk. Which isn't to suggest 'redistribution of the wealth' is the answer, however fairness is virtuous and with days work should come a liveable wage. We hear conservatives speak about how they're family oriented, okay that's nice, but then they turn around and vote against anything that would help people when their down. After conservative greed-mongers bleed taxpayers dry with their subsidies, they claim the poor, well they're just lazy. So they kick people while they're face down on the ground. Most of these politicians wouldn't last a week in these poor folks shoes, but what does this have to do with the article? I am expressing the division between not only ethnic-racial tension but with the systematic brainwashing of Christians and the socio-economic warfare.
When I turn on the car radio, most of the time, I listen to Christian music, however,  if I hear conservative talk shows, I turn the channel after a minute because I cannot get over the fact, they lie to their listeners. Conservatives mastered the art of propaganda deception and victimhood.

Upon searching McQuilliams vehicle cops retrieved proof that he affiliated his views in part, with the Phineas Priesthood, a right-wing Christian sect which holds zealot, anti-Semitic and bigoted perspectives. Christ is no respecter of persons, and he doesn't give a darn what you think about race because he created all people, not for you but himself. So, why is it okay for people such as Larry McQualliams to hold moronic views? Nothing, there's no justification besides his fictional interpretation of the Bible. However, the irony runs deep because Jesus was dark skinned. The Bible is very clear within regards to his appearance in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelations; the Bible is clear Christ is not a white man. So the truth is McQualliams hates Jesus and committed these acts for the devil, not God.

"Inside the journal lay a handwritten note that referred to McQuilliams as a 'priest in the fight against anti-God people,' Acevedo said. Officers who searched his home found a map of 34 downtown buildings that likely were potential targets of further attacks, including two churches. Investigators said McQuilliams left no note describing a specific motive or why he picked his targets. Christopher Combs, FBI special agent in charge of the San Antonio division, which includes Austin, also noted that some people who knew McQuilliams told investigators he'd been upset that he couldn't find a job and believed immigrants were given more services than he was. City and federal investigators say they are confident McQuilliams acted alone." (1).

Had conservatives not pumped this man's head full of nonsense, he'd be alive. I am not blaming all conservatives, nor am I implying all conservatives support this man's perception of life and the Christian faith. But there is a trend within Christianity, one of which favors blacks or whites as God's chosen people. Although people make compelling arguments, the truth is all who believe on Christ according to the Scriptures the same shall see God in peace. There's no qualifier within relation to skin tone, language, or ethnicity.

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1). Sara Malam. (1 December 2014). Man who was shot dead by police after attack on Texas office building was a Right-wing Christian extremist who was planning further assaults. Daily Mail UK. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2856652/Police-say-Austin-shooter-harbored-extremist-views.html#ixzz3KlFMQZzX

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