Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sandy Rios, Host of The 'American Family Association,' Mocks Eric Garner.

Right off, it's worth noting, according to the 'Southern Poverty Law Center', the 'American Family Association' is labeled a hate group. Moreover, they are often chastised for knowingly using junk science to make nonsensical claims. Claims within specific regard to minorities and homosexuals alike, so their hate status will be noted more than once in this post. Sandy Rios works for one of the largest 'race agitators' in conservative radio. Sandy Rios, a radio host for the 'American Family Association,' associated the murder of unarmed African American Eric Garner to that of her eight-year-old son throwing rocks a school bus, after which her son heard an earful from the police. The reason I hate 'conservatism' is because of folks like Sand Rios whom, by the way, works for an organization deemed a hate group by 'The Southern Poverty Law Center.' An eight-year-old caught putting people in danger, and a man standing on the sidewalk who just broke up a fight do not correlate, in the real world. However, conservatives believe everyone is out to get them, some of them need to be sought and jailed for mental disorders, however. Sandy dragged Eric Garner is, the father of six, family name through the mud by insisted the fault fall on the victim.Apparently his 32 previous arrest record of which were for non-violent offenses, indicated 'he knew the drill.' Furthermore, she spoke of race 'agitators' yet she makes a living off race agitated, daily. Of course, this includes everything from Hispanic misinformation to scaring each other about Middle Eastern militants, crossing the border to commit acts of terror on American soil. Although there's no evidence of such to substantiate claims, people disregard reality in exchange for a twisted interpretation of 'end time' Theology and purposely living in a constant state of fear. Sandy is naive to the plight of African Americans and comparing her eight-year-old son to the murder of an unarmed black man is proof of this assertion.

 “He resisted arrest again. I don’t understand,” Rios said while reflecting on how a police officer taught her young son always obey the police. “Why Eric didn’t do that, I don’t know. They said he had been arrested 32 times prior to that so he certainly knew the drill. So it’s a sad, it’s very, very sad and it’s really sad to know now that this will be an occasion for more violence and more of the evil that loves this stuff and comes in and loves to stir it up and make a situation worse than it already is.”

 Brian Tashman. (4 December 2014). The AFA spokeswoman then likened people demonstrating over Garner’s death. Right Wing Watch. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/sandy-rios-chokehold-victim-eric-garner-knew-drill#sthash.bXewBvTa.dpuf

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