Monday, December 29, 2014

The Heist Went 'South' On MT. Rainier

 Hannah Becca Jane, 32, went with her brother Adam Jane, 44, for a much needed and well deserved vacation. Taking a breather from her hectic accounting firm, she needed a breath of fresh mountain air in the remote great outdoors, just 10 miles south of Mount Rainier. Adam and Hannah took for a hike; this is the first time she'd ever been hiking. She spent more time bent over catching her breath than enjoying the scenery. Breathing as if the last breath of fresh air were near: "Wait - wait, damn I cannot believe I let you talk me into this crap." Laughing underneath his breath: "Come on sis, let's pick up the pace, we'll never get to the top at this rate." "Hold on damn it. My legs feel like jello." "More of a reason to hurry to the top." "Since when did you become a goal setter?" "Don't worry about that Hannah." With every few steps, the air cold strangled the heat out of her warm fleece jacket. The further the two walked snow covered the ground like a fresh snowfall had just taken place. "Adam, you're not cold?" Adam had a bad knee from the Army, and he claims staying out in the cold weather near the woods in North Carolina, frost bit the toes on his left foot. "Adam, do you really think it's worth going to the top? I am concerned about you."Just a little further, we're almost there." After three more steps, her stomach gave out and she, practically, threw up her guts. "Hannah, do you know that man?" She looked up low-and-behold Hannah's boyfriend, Mark, stood a short distance away. The rather telling appears on her face resembling one of nearly jumping face first out of her skin. As she fluffed her hair, she asked: "Mark, what are you doing up here?"

She stands just off the hiking trail by the cold snow, slightly trembling, and speechless. An awkward silence is so loud you could almost hear a rock smash the ground to pieces. Mark interrupts the awkward silence. "Come here Hannah, I want to show you something." Instead, she didn't move she stood stoic and confused. "Hannah, you know I love you and well, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you Marry me, Hannah?" At first, it seemed as though tears of joy were begging to release from her glossy eyes. "Mark, I love you but right now, I cannot marry you, I am sorry. I'm too young to worry about 'happily forever after.' I am sorry Mark, but marriage is off the table for me." Hannah turns to Adam: "You set me up? Why? You could have asked me first, rather than to make a fool out of me. Why did you have to cause a scene, like a drama show for passers-by?" Waiting for an answer, Adam stood shocked out of his ever loving mind before saying: "Hannah, I had no idea, I mean you always talk about Mark. In private you claim he's right for you, so what's the problem?" "The problem is I am not ready for a marriage. Just because I speak about Mark doesn't mean I am ready for lifelong commitments, because right now, I am not; I am barely starting to get my life in order, I don't have the desire for this I don't need this, damn it all to hell, I don't need this. I want to go back to the cabin; I need to sleep, now."Adam's face is plush white; he says: "Okay Hannah, okay let's go back to the cabin and I'll make you some hot chocolate." "Sounds good to me." "Mark, I think it's best if we take a break because right now, I cannot handle this stress. I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Without missing a beat Mark said: "No worries, you know my phone number, you know where to find me. If you need anything at all, call me." She smiles: "Okay, bye." Feeling betrayed by Adam, she angrily walks down the hiking trail. Adam tells Mark he's sorry about the way Hannah took the proposal. Mark told him not to be sorry. They parted ways, and Adam jogged to catch up with Hannah. Breathing heavily while tears stream down her face: "Adam, why in the hell did you trick me like this, you know how much my career means to me, and I don't have the wherewithal to sacrifice my emotion, my affection and my love to a marriage until I am ready. So, why the hell didn't you tell me before we went up the hill?" "I didn't know this is how you would take the proposal. I thought you'd be happy. You know, this is the first time I thought the guy was right for you. Mark's the first guy I approved up until now, and you are angry with me? You know Hannah, one day you'll going to lose something you'll never be able to get back. A career isn't going to hold you at night. A career isn't going to fulfill your emotional needs or keep you warm a night. And If you don't stop this nonsense, one day you'll wake up an old bitter woman. But you can have it your way, this is the last time I am attempting to build your happiness off my approval. Because the only approval that appears to matter is your Brooklyn size ego.

If I didn't know any better, I'd have the impression that you're scared of losing control of the feelings of which you can hardly control. Meaning, you are too scared of loving someone so much that it hurts. I guess I cannot say that I blame you, but I can say it'd be lonely to lay in a bed of which is half cold, at night. At any rate, have it your way because the lonely position of neutral is constructed urgently; figure it out."
At this point her arms are crossed while  complaining: "You know what, I don't need lectures from you okay. Up until now, things have been fine before Mark got this absurd idea in his head." "Oh, come on Hannah, it wasn't an idea it was something he really thought out. What the hell do you want, rose colored lenses? Look, he comes across honest and genuine; I wanted someone faithful and honest for you. Not to mention the fact, mom like a man with a strong work ethic. However, I am sorry I tried to make you happy." Finally at the cabin front door Hannah scolds Adam: "Wipe your damn feet on the welcome mat because I don't want water on the carpet." "Okay. Okay," Adam assured Hannah: "Okay. Okay, my shoes are off and I am home." She held her arms out and fell back first on her bed. "I can hardly believe Mark. After all, why does he want to marry little old me? Am I supposed to be a housewife cook dinner, and burn it, or am I suppose to have children and be a stay-at-home mom? I want neither of the two previously said positions. I don't want kids, and Adam knows this he thinks changing my mind will be easy." "He has no idea,"Adam said. They both laughed.

"I need to take a warm bath," Adam said. "Okay. I am next, so make sure you don't use all the hot water."
It was a good time to close her eyes and think about what truly matters to her.The door partially open, and it startled Hannah. "Surely the front door was shut, locked deadbolt and all." Figuring the neighbor must have opened the wrong cabin she shut and made sure it was locked. Right when she turned around, a masked intruder held a gun to her head: "Get on the floor and don't say a word." Adam walked into the living room before noticing the menace burglar: "Hannah, what do you want for dinner? Oh, my gosh, who are you?" "Get over her on the ground and shut your mouth," the intruder angrily,"any more people in this house," he pressed the cold steel gun into Hannah's back. "Ahem-no, there's no one else coming that I know of," Hannah nervously exclaimed. "Okay, here's the deal, I just exclaim the Wall Walla state prison, and I need a place to hide for a while. If you don't make attempts to run or call anyone, you will live. If, however, you decide to make a run for it, I will shoot you." "Oh damn. What the hell do you want with us, cannot you try the cabin down the street? If not why?" Adam asked. "Because this vacation home is the furthest from the highway, that's why. Anymore questions?" "No," Hannah's brother said. "Good now, empty your pockets. What the hell are you waiting for an invitation?" "Here, this is all I have at the moment," Hannah said. "Yea, well talk about what you got later right now, I am interested in all electronic equipment. You know phones, i-pads, laptops and anything else that connects to the internet."  Hannah facetiously replied, "I didn't bring my phone." He grabbed bed-sheet to bound their hands behind their backs. When the intruder began searching the cabin for matches to light his god awful cigarettes. Crash the kitchen draws open and shut with violent force. Hannah noticed he peeled off his mask and leaned over the counter seemingly speaking to himself. Hannah and Adam couldn't distinguish the words of which were mistakenly void of thoughts. Although I don't think he heard a word said, it's as though he's trying to talk himself out of this absurd heist. Walking back into the living room, he asked where the phone was located. "You girl, getup and get over here, I need to use the phone." "Well, it's been a lot of easier if the blood circulation weren't cutoff in my wrists. Can you please loosen these ties on my wrist?" "Come here and I'll undo them, for now." Immediately the blood flowed back into her hands although they were slightly numb. "Here's the phone, it was by the TV." "Okay, now get back on the floor and don't look at me." "I wouldn't dare look at you." Adam was terrified, but Hannah was a good talker. She could talk her way out of a hurricane. "So, what are we supposed to call you the robber?" "Call me your worst nightmare." "Infringing, did you come up with that name on your own?" "What the hell do you think?" "Look, I am just asking question trying to make light of a horrible," The more Hannah spoke, the less agitated the man appeared to be and I guess that's a good thing. "If you broke out of prison, how did you get a gun?" "Girl, don't ask a stupid question, especially if you want to live." Underneath her breath, she said: "Okay." Ignoring his threat: "Is it too much to ask why you're in jail?" "I killed five people, but  at one time, I was an altar boy. Through  the ceiling window, we noticed a police helicopter shining its light through the resort. "White girl, getup, we're leaving. You're going to drive me to Canada." "You remain on the floor until we leave white boy." "Have I moved since you've been here holding us hostage?" "Shut the hell up with that whining voice. Open the door sweetheart, remember I have a gun if you try anything I will blow your brains out." Hannah's mouth is hanging wide open: "Wait, you want me to drive you to Canada? Why not take the car and go yourself?" "Because if they see us as a couple they'll be less suspicious at the border, it's been said I have that 'criminal' look, whatever that means. Enough talking." She turned the key, luckily the car started right up." "Babe you were supposed to kill my brother, so we can get his share of dad's ," Hannah said to the criminal who  was really Mark, they'd planned this superficial robbery in an attempt to kill her brother. "Do you really think I had it in me to kill Adam?" "I should have known better, you are a damn punk. I'd do it myself, but God know's I don't have the guts. Screw it, I'll think of another way to gain more of the inheritance because I am not sure how long I could live with myself if I killed him." " I am guessing we should tell Adam it was a joke?" "Yes, we should tell him this was just a joke." Mark took off his mask walked through the front door all of a sudden Adam punched him square in the nose. "I deserved that, I am sorry for scaring you. In my defense, your sister and I thought it'd be funny." "Funny, funny, you call scaring people to death funny? Acting like a criminal, taking us hostage is far from hilarious."


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