Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Congressman Steve Scalise Is Guilty By Association Of Promoting 'White Supremacist' Ideology.

 First, Steve Scalise Congressman in the House of Representative representing the State of Louisiana,  could not remember if he attended the meeting. Then he might have but he didn't know it was a hate group he spoke to, and then he was sorry he attended a hate group conference. But not to worry, he's a Catholic, he claims. Therefore, he cannot be racist or hateful. Right, sure big guy, I believe that. NOT! Their next move, roll out the 'house negro': 'Mia Love' the new, first black Congresswoman representing the State of Utah, spoke to the press. While she condemned hate groups, she supported a man who described himself as David Duke 'without the baggage.' In other words, in ideology, he is a part of the hate group mentality Mia condemns. In the past the wore hoods, but today they were suits and ties. It's rather absurd to overlook the fact a man, you work with, equates himself to a hate group leader, and you support him. Be they Democrat or Republicans, if they have ties to hate groups they ought to be run out of Congress.Why Steve Scalise Refusal To Resign Is Troubling.A couple weeks ago, it was revealed by a blogger, Steve Scalise a United States Congressman representing the people of Louisiana, spoke to a white supremacist organization during 2002 election season. Many things are troubling both about his response and his reasoning for visiting the group, notwithstanding pitiful excuses. David Duke confirmed Scalise  invitation. Mr. Scalise spoke at a conference for EURO or European-American Unity and Rights Organization. Their views consist of white nationalism, white supremacy, those of white separatist, anti-Communism, anti-white discrimination, traditionalist values, constitutionalism, white heritage, and 'Christian values.' Of course, the group do not understand Christianity. I'll address their misconceptions concerning Jesus Christ, at a later time. I will say this, Jesus Christ was a minority, he didn't speak English, he was an immigrant and he's spoke of healing the sick and feeding the hungry. Conservatives overlook this and claim 'capitalism' is what Jesus preached, just to be clear, he did not.

David Duke was a one term Louisiana State Representative. Duke ran as a Democrat during 1988 presidential primaries. "Duke unsuccessfully ran for the Louisiana State Senate, United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, and Governor of Louisiana. Duke is a felon, pleading guilty to defrauding supporters by falsely claiming to have no money and in danger of losing his home in order to solicit emergency donations; at the time, Duke was financially secure, and used the donations for recreational gambling."(1).

At first Scalise denied speaking at the ERUO conference, but it was revealed Duke's people invited him to speak. As a matter of fact, 'StormFront' which is considered a forerunner among hate websites, wrote of his appearance.Although the group claims to NOT be a white supremacist organization, they clearly support white supremacist, white nationalist, and white separatist ideology. So if Stormfront.org is not a white supremacist organization, they missed a great opportunity. Stormfront is relevant to this article insofar as, they support Scalise and even give political advice to the U.S. House of Representatives, mostly pushing to, essentially, enforce 'white privilege. Be that as is may, John Bohner, speaker of the House of Representatives supports Scalise, notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence of Scalise involvement with white groups in so far as fleecing votes from the far right. Seeking votes and support from white folks arguably misinformed, people who have no desire for fact, they simply want to blame their problems on minorities. It appears many folks skip American history class. Shall we bring up the past of African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics and the alike to crush their false narrative of white victimization? Or, must we explain authentic Christianity to these white hate groups in an effort to expose Steve Scalise to the point of resigning from the House of Representatives? I doubt it will be that easy because Republicans support Scalise. Why wouldn't conservatives support Scalise's race fleecing? Because many conservatives have the same mindset, besides if they don't support him releasing their skeletons could potentially ruin their career too. In other words, many House Republicans have done the same thing Scalise did, exposing them may damage their career. One cannot deny the support of a man who said he's "David Duke without the baggage" explains what their party has long thought to represent and reinforce the deceitful stereotypes of minorities. If Steve Scalise continues to serve as House Whip for the House of Representatives, it reinforces the stereotype African American and other minorities have about the Republican party.

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