Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Convicted Felon 'Dinesh Dsouza' Attempts to Hijack MLK Day.

Professional liar, convicted felon, admitted adulterer, Dinesh Dsouza spouts more racist unaware ignorance. In an interview with Fox News' Megan Kelly on her show the 'Kelly File,' among other nonsensical points he claims matter if fact, Dr. Martin Luther King stood for individuality, personal responsibility and seeing people without racial bigotry. I believe it's more than merely personal responsibility rather it's about the responsibility we collectively share as a whole. The responsibility we have for one another. For example, 'I am my brother's keeper' is a great illustration of the personal responsibility we ought to show one another. However, when conservatives discuss personal responsibility, they don't mean the same thing. Republican logic, of course, I screw you over and don't you dare complain. Pick yourself up with nonexistent bootstraps. MLK believed, and rightly so, opportunity, equality, and basic human rights come from God, not man, regardless of race or socio-economic class. The convicted felon also states King believed our rights are to be equal, indeed they should be equal, but he fails to elaborate on these issues, and what king believed. Conservatives fashion Dr. King in a way seemingly favorable to their twisted position of their fake oppression.

First, King believed rights come from God and NOT man. Secondly, Martin L. King sought to make racial unity, not color blindness, which bothers me each time I hear conservatives talk about being color blind. That's ignorance. In contrast, we should accept each other for who they are by embracing their God-given design. We should be celebratory within regards to other's culture and heritage, as we share a common bond based on a godly design. Color blindness still leaves us ignorant of our differences that have to be resolved to life in harmony. Although some people would love to shove the race talk in the garbage can, the unfortunate thing is we cannot simply throw something in the trash that should already be resolved. So, King did not believe what most conservatives are pushing today.
King believed all workers should not only be represented, but they should have a livable wage that includes 'unions' one that includes buying a home and living the 'American Dream.' Which at this point, the dream is but dismantled. Furthermore, the currently imprisoned clown hijacks Dr. King's legacy by claiming it was about a culture of African Americans and not to look solely at King. Even though no prominent  African-American claims to have accomplished what this great man of God (King) did for those less fortunate, and not only to African Americans, but King also stood up for white people's rights. At the time, he fought for the working poor whites. At the time, there was major racism, and there wasn't a place for the so-called Negro to gain opportunity, which would lift them out of a state of poverty and inequality. Vietnam veterans know all too well, when African Americans returned home from the war, they weren't offered the same benefits as the white soldiers. For example, the G.I. Bill, which helps pay for higher education, wasn't offered to African Americans. Also, the program that allowed white veterans to qualify for home loans  wasn't offered to African Americans who fought in the same war(s) as white soldiers. That made a huge difference in building a certain class of people while denying others the same opportunity. When whites talk about the 'state of black America', rarely do they take these issues into consideration. In other words, there are many data points that explain the reasons for the disparity between various ethnicities in the U.S. No, white especially the conservative Right has nothing but disdain for black poor people. Bootstraps, pull yourself up conservatives claim, but they don't realize most don't have any bootstraps. They don't take into consideration the systematic, yet deliberate, housing discrimination, and segregation, which isn't a coincidence. To take these factors into consideration when assessing the state of black America.

Homosexuality wrong? Please read the full section, or you might get the wrong impression.
Additionally, conservatives claim they're living out Dr. King's message, because they oppose homosexuality, they degrade the legacy of King by cramming their bigotry down the throats of innocent Americans having nothing to do with the Liberty Counsel or any other nonsense name they want to create as a paper tiger for their Republican-religious bigotry. And not just homosexuality but immigrants too, in other words, they're against anyone not like them.  Now do I agree with homosexuality, of course not. However, the bigotry agenda is doing everything in its power to dismantle the true message of Jesus Christ. Of course, speaking out against homosexuality is a duty in a sense, and some people are called use certain platforms to do so. However, we are not required to cram a hateful agenda or poison down the throats of people who otherwise might come to Christ. So while I agree homosexuality is a sin, most people don't deliver the message in an interpersonal sort of way. Instead, they come with a sense of arrogance, may, in fact, well intended. At the same time, ignorantly informed. The 'Liberty Counsel' used the following quote for their fight against homosexual marriage. Writing from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. King said, “I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that ‘an unjust law is no law at all.’” Now, the context in which King made this statement had NOTHING to do with homosexuality. But if they want to attribute this quote to their over-the-top movement, fine. Homosexuality is wrong, okay got it. But why do conservatives know so much about homosexual sex? Some explicitly explain sodomy and even post pictures on their websites to show gays now wear diapers because of sodomy. It's curious as to why some people are so fascinated with homosexuality. We should warn neighbors about immorality and not stand for homosexuality, fine. Just about every claim conservatives made about Obama turned out to be false. He's not the anti-Christ, he's not a Marxist, he not a Communist, he hasn't implemented Sharia Law. He hasn't put Christians in cattle trucks shipping us off to concentration camps as some Christians have falsely claimed would happen. If a person makes a false prophesy, they're a false prophet. When a person says, a person is the 'anti-Christ' the one, the Bible prophesied, should be shunned not as a person, but as a prophet. Meaning, if someone claims something biblical will happen on a certain day, ignore them.

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