Monday, January 5, 2015

Sara Palin Is Apparently Okay With Animal Abuse

Despicable Sara Palin is back. Recently during the holiday season, she photographed her son standing on a defenseless black dog. It's repulsive to say the least and she thinks people are taking issue with her animal brutality is absurd and laughable. Which, is of course, is why anyone who hurts animals has the "who cares" attitude about others mindset. If you don't take animals lives as valuable than you wouldn't care to abuse not only animals, but people too. After all, a few months back Palin's family was in an all out brawl over something someone allegedly said to her daughter. So words worth fighting over and animals should be abused because it's all fun and games. After she had received major opposition to her treatment of a puppy, she said, among other things, 'at least I didn't eat the dog.' So let's get this straight, it's okay to abuse a living animal, but it's not okay to eat dead animals?

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